EK9 Project

EK9: Battery tie-down back to OEM

I was never a big fan of the chunky SKunk2 billet aluminum battery tie-down. Mainly because it was not fitting the “JDM” theme. But i had it installed for a few years now, since the original one started to have it’s paint chip off in large pieces and the quality and fitment of it is really good.

When i had the car partially repainted recently, i decided to also have the OEM battery tie-down repainted after i gave it a sandblast and it turned out nice:

So, back it went  (both Skunk2 and OEM are shown here):

And well, it doesn’t make a huge impact or anything, but i somehow like the fact that i restored an OEM piece of the car and got rid of the only non-japanese aftermarket item on this car:

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