240Z Project,  EK9 Project

240Z / EK9: Various Documents from Japan

Over the past days various packages from japan arrived with some new reading stuff for me:

First a Nostalgic Speed magazine. I bought it mainly because of the cool OS-giken TC24-B1 Blueprint poster, (for their 50th anniversary), but it also includes cool builds with an Billet aluminum S20 block and an OS-giken TC16 build, etc.

Then i got this 1984 NISMO 10th anniversary catalogue. I was hoping it includes the 10th anniversary Steering wheel and shift knob, but it does not.
however it includes many other useful information. some new details on the MK63 brakes, and maybe the page below might solve my mystery suspension riddle.

The two japanese rallye books are also cool:

One includes the whole development of the S30 and Datsun 510 bluebird including the rallye cars, the one on the right side shows the evolution of the rallye car throught the different races and it also has an interview with former works rallye driver Rauno Aaltonen.

The “Project X” Book is a comic which describes very nicely the story of how the Z and many of it’s details were developed, how Mr. K was involved, how they tested the Car in the USA, and the internal tension between the deparmtents at NMC.
I especially like the many details, like why the “Sugar scoop” headlight buckets were made by a company that made FRP seats at japanese train stations originally, etc.

For my EK9 i completed my documentation with the Prefacelift brochure and the prefacelift Mugen parts catalogue:

Oh, and also got this Matchsticks from Datsun switzerland which belong to a set of other DSSA advertizing material from that time with the similar graphic design:

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