240Z Project

240Z: New tank rubber pieces & Transmission bearing

A while a go i made a CAD drawing of what the manual calls “Felt”, but are actually rubber pieces, that work as dampers between the fuel tank and the chassis. Then took the drawing and sample to the local rubber shop and they cut them to spec for me:

Left new, right old (with some dirt):

Had them make two sets, in case if they mess up something. so if anybody is interested, i can sell you one complete set (consisting of four pieces), just hit me up. Sorry, already sold 🙂

Oh and since NOS A-type 5-speed manual transmission parts are a bit rare, i just had to get this bearing when it popped up for sale. Also love the genuine oldschool Datsun (Suisse) SA Bag, it must have been in storage for quite some time…

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