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240Z: My first ever CAD Design (Tank rubber pieces)

I work with CAD Drawings and renderings daily in my work life and always wanted to learn how to draw them. When i realized i need those 240Z Tank rubber pieces redone and probably should make a nice drawing, that seemed like the perfect occasion to download FreeCAD and spend an hour on youtube watching beginners guides to CAD Drawing. I’m used to electronis CAD programs so it’s not completely new, allthough i’ve never designed something 3D CAD. Until today. I got the hang for simple basics pretty fast and here i have my first design for the rubber piece:

Of course this is something stupidly simple, but just perfect for a total newbie like me. And it will give my rubber-shop a better idea of what they have to make for me 🙂

I even figoured out how to make a nice technical drawing out of the 3D Model.
So after all i’m pretty proud and i hope i can improve my skills in other occasions soon. At least i’ve got the idea about what the CAD Designers in my company do all day now 🙂

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