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240Z: Datsun (Suisse) SA 1977 Dealer price list & Sticker

While browsing through some online classifieds, i stumbled on this Datsun price list. Issued on 14. March 1977 and including cars like the 260Z, the 2+2 and the 240K-GT, Cherry coupe, sunny etc… There isn’t any direct evedince that it’s from datsun Suisse SA, but it’s in german and french so it makes sense.

I got it from france, but the seller stated that it came originally from switzerland. There’s also no currency for the prices, but i assume it must be Swiss franks (CHF). While my 240Z is not directly listed, it’s another nice piece of Datsun Suisse memorabilia and some reference prices to talk about..

Click here to download the full high-res scan of the price list:
1977 Datsun (Suisse) Price list

I also got a vintage Datsun sticker, which was a give-away by swiss datsun dealers at one point. This is not a replica, but (according to the seller) a genuine marketing item from the seventies. It is a bit worn and yellowed from the years in storage, so i assume it’s the real deal. And it was merly the price of posting an envelope, so i just had to get it 🙂

Oh, and while googling for some other information, i stumbled upon this random file from the swiss Matchstick museum, which shows different “Gulf” branded matchstick box variants, with various Car dealerships, service stations, gas stations, etc.. Some of them beeing swiss datsun dealers. This just as a total random but cool discovery 🙂

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