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240Z: Datsun (Suisse) SA 1971 Information Brochure & 1400 Leaflet

Finding historic Information on the Nissan Motor corporation  Japan and USA is relatively easy, since there are archives full of information and a lot of books around it. Finding specific information on smaller countries history regarding the “Datsun” Brand is a bit trickier… So when i found an old Swiss information document for sale on a local website, i had to get it.
From Todays point of view it’s fairly funky with it’s cut-off titles and different fonts used throughout the document. PS, full document for download at the end.

It is an information brochure to the new customers advertising the efforts and advantages of the relatively young Datsun (suisse) SA. The brochure is from february 1971, Proudly stating that they’ve sold 5000 Cars in the countrly total over the last few years.
The first page is an introduction to the brand including a rendering of the (then beeing built) new car storage warehouse in Urdorf (Zürich area) and including a signature of the then-Director of Datsun (Suisse) SA, Ernst Pfister

Page two introduces the Japanese mother-company including some nice pictures of the Factory, test-tracks etc. Including some informatino about their (then) current efforts to develop a new Rotary engine, Electric cars (!) and a Steam-powered engine. Quite a bit funny. On Page three there are pictures from the (mentioned above) Storage warehouse in Urdorf under construction and the Headquarter at the Stauffacherstrasse 45 in Zürich. As well as the old spare-parts warehouse in Switzerland:

A quick Google streat view image shows that the building still exists and looks pretty similar with the windows and entrance-door position and shape.

The next few pages show the car lineup and their advantages (mostly the solid quality):

A dealer list, the motorsports-effort (Including Nissan R382, R280-II and East african Safari rallye cars) and press reviews follow on the next pages.

And also the (quite a bit hilarious in todays context) superb 12 Month / 20’000km warranty 🙂
On the back page you can see the slogan “DATSUN – Brings new values”
I really like this document. It has a lot of character and some nice information and photographs rarely seen otherwise and something that is a bit more specific compared to the information you find usually.

UPDATE: Meanwhile i got some more of those documents, check out some of the other versions here

Oh and along the document above, there was also the swiss Datsun 1400 Dealer Windshield sales document that were put in the windscreen on the showroom floor for the Datsun 1400 aka Datsun 510 aka Nissan Bluebird. I have no useage for it, but will keep it of course and try to give it to a swiss 1400 owner who likes to have it 🙂

Click here to download the full Datsun (suisse) SA Document as a high-res pdf:
1972 Datsun Suisse Information Leaflet

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