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240Z: New Datsun stickers and keychain in

Recently i found a set of nice swiss Datsun stickers for sale nearby, that were still missing in my collection. And then a friend noted that another guy is selling a nice original Datsun keychain in absolutely mint condition. So naturally i had to get both:

The Photo above shows all the new stickers, while the one below now shows my collection of original, mostly swiss, Datsun stickers.
I was especially after the white “east african safari” sticker, and the large “Datsun” Sticker in red and blue, which were so far missing in my collection.

The keychain was for sale in greece. it’s an original Datsun Keychain which came with a set of spare-keys (useless in my case, but still nice to have). TRhe quality is supertb and it looks like new:

I have currently a load of smaller and bigger items from all over the world on the way to me, so stay tuned for more and less useful parts on this page soon 🙂

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