240Z Project

240Z: Carb insulators Part two (fitting ones)

Last week i posted about my brand new NOS Carb insulators on my blog, which i got from the US. Turned out they’re wrong, as they’re made for the PHH44 carbs from the U20 Engine from the Fairlaidy roadster.
The main differentce is a slight offset at one of the bolts. compared to these:

These are replicas for the PHH44 carbs, that have the correct measures for the L-series heads (with straight aligned studs)

Not sure about the fitment. they clearly have some surface rust already. over th eoriginal ones which where covered in black (rubber?) coating allround.
but on the other hand they come with some nuts and those Gaskets, as the original ones did originally:

He also makes them for the PHH40 (40mm) carbs, which i learned after i got those above. so i might think about getting another set for my PHH40 carbs.
We’ll see. not top priority at the moment.

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