240Z Project

240Z: NOS Tension rod T/C Bearing kit

In a recent discussion about safety measures, a friend pointed out that the Tension rods on the Z tend to snap, espepcially on lowered cars with hard bushings, as the tension gets too high.
You can either switch to an adjustable tension rod kit, or as an alternative, use an Oldschool Bearing kit, which allows the T/C (Tension Compression Rod) to have a slight movement and therefore reduced tension. Today i got one of those kits.

This kit is an vintage NOS item which was made by Kontrolle Automotive products in the USA.

But i think they were made by different manufacturers and MSA still has them on sale new. Allthough they currently don’t ship to switzerland:

At one point even Nissan USA sold them under the Part number 99996-TKIT as shown below in the 1998 Nissan USA Motorosports catalogue:
The part number indicates that it was not a product from the Nissan HQ, but a local market item by Nussan USA only. and i guess it was sourced from one of those suppliers like Kontrolle.

Here is the full installation manual:

And here an’ illustration of the assembly that goes over the TC-rod instead of one of the bushings:

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