240Z Project

240Z: Original Toolkit Content paper, Datsun Autosalon Geneva newspaper & 1982 Catalog

Today i got a few interesting documents again. Let’s start with the Z-specific stuff. An original Toolkit bag packing slip / Content slip:

I will use it to make a nice replica for my original toolkit (which came with some missing tools and without the slip).

The one above came from an original “final spec” swiss 240Z and is different to what i’ve seen for Sale in the USA. But it might be possible that the slip has changed over the years and that later spareparts came with a different slip. Picture below shows one for sale in america by zeddsaver.com:

Then i got an original 1982 Datsun Switzerland catalog:

Not really interesting for me, but it contains the 280ZX and some other nice cars and i will use it for my datsun suisse documentation (coming soon).

I mainly got it because it came together with this nice piece: The March 1972 geneva international motor show (Autosalon Genf) “Newspaper”, called the Datsun “Red spot”.
It’s of course all about the cars, but it also contains some nice figures and facts about datsun switzerland (more on that coming soon),  This newspaper was handed out to visitors of their booth in 1972.

Some of the cars, the racing efforts of Nissan / Datsun, The nissan switzerland / FMG Warehouse, etc..

And also advertising for some of the cool apparel you could order from them… A pretty nice piece of datsun switzerland memorabilia…

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