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240Z: Promodet Japan large capacity Oil pan arrived

Well thanks to an input from a datsun group i found an Oil pan i’ve been searching for for a while. Last time i lost the Auction, but this time i was better prepared, and today it finally showed up at my doorstep:
The Promodet L6 Large capacity oil Pan:

The manufacturer, Promodet Japan, is still active today, but is a well-known porsche tuner these days. I’ve seen those oil pans a few times in Japan, but they seem pretty rare.
I wonder if anybody has mor information on their S30 / 240Z parts lineup they used to have? Old catalogue pages, advertising, etc anyone? would love to see the cars they used to belong to, and what else they offered.

It is made from cast Aluminum and has an additional baffle plate, something that looks like small cooling fins and an additional plug for an Oil temperature sensor.
I think the Blue fitting is not the original one, so i will try to find a plug that suits the whole thing better.

Also the original drain plug seems pretty worn out. Luckily i have a new Nissan magnetic drain plug, which will go there:

Here’s a look at the baffle pan on the inside:

It has some wear and tear here and there, but still seems to be in quite good shape:

And for those wondering: here’s a size comparison of the original 240Z oil Pan to the Promodet pan:

Thanks to the person who pointed me to the pan!


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