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240Z: New swiss Datsun manuals arrived

Thanks to my Datsun-Buddy Stefan, who helped me get hands on these. I got another rare set of vintage Datsun (Suisse) SA documents in my collection today:

The first (left) one from February 1974, is explaining how to check and fix electronics, like the alternator, various lights and the electric ignition on the Datsun cars.
It also briefly explains how the systems are supposed to work. It seems to be part from a Datsun Switzerland technician training course. It also comes with a bunch of empty test-form pages to test the ignition circuit and fill with various test-results.

The book in the middle is about special tools used for Datsun branded cars. I’m not 100% sure if it was issued by Kent-moore (in switzerland) or Datsun (suisse) SA itself.
The only note is that i’t’s printed in switzerland (where also Kent-moore has / had it’s headquarter) and it comes with a pricelist from germany with DM (Deutsche Mark) prices.

The last one is an 50 Pages strong manual (with various documents from 1976 to 1983) on how a dealership has to handle various warranty cases.
It was most probably handed out during a training in the early 1983 at Datsun switzerland to the participants

At the end it also includes a bunch of empty warranty sheets, which were probably used during the training, to learn how to fill it correctly.

Again another cool set of documents, to better unerstand how Datsun switzerland used to operate back then. Also thanks again Stefan for your support!

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