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240Z: 1973 & 1979 Service Data & specification booklets

Recently a Datsun Friend introduced me to the “Service Data and specification” booklets, which i was unaware of before. Naturally i had to investigate, and luckily i found one for sale online. Strangely i have only ever seen the earlier versions in a mixed english / Spanish language print so far. However when i checked out my friend’s DSSA parts lot recently, it also included a bunch of 1979 version booklet in german:

The 1979 version only includes the S130, so the following pages are from the 1973 version with some pictures of the S30 stuff.
The booklet’s intention is for the Datsun workshop mechanic to have an overview of different specifications and interchangeability from the different NMC cars of an era.

It is divided in general specifications, Motor and Body. There is also a similar booklet for non-passenger cars (trucks, etc)

Here’s some example of model codes used in the documentatino and some basic specification, which does not include the non-export versions.

I like the overview, like shown here the different suspension options, on one page. I will use these to update some of my previously made knowledge posts.

Here’s another example, showing the Manual 5-speed transmission of 1973 (previous version not included). but it’s a great overview of data. And there is plenty more to dicsover.

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