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EK9: H.O.P accessory Window visor fasteners

My original EK9 Honda access or Honda HOP (Honda Optional Parts) Accessory Window visor kit had one problem ever since installed. The mechanic lost a set of plastic clip fasteners, and they were since missing since then.

It’s only a small flaw and most people wouldn’t ever have noticed but i never felt happy. It didn’t really have an impact on stability, rattling or something similar, but my inner OCD always cringed when seeing it.

I’ve been searching for a replacement but Honda has long discontinued those accessory kits, and since it was a popular aftermarket item in the american “JDM” scene, all the big dealers like ICBmotorsport are long sold out….

The problem is, they don’t fit any norm or standard items on the market. I’ve tried to search something fitting for months, but nothing fits:

Luckily i found a dude on EK9.org who still is able to deliver those and after a few messages back and forth i got them today.
Left two are new, right is a used one. seems to be the original deal:

And they even came with some free sweets. Thanks a lot, mate! with this another small black spot is gone on the Honda. Aaaaand. currently i have
a big delivery on the Japan on the way to me, which also contains one or another part for the Honda. Stay tuned for a big update for 2022 season soon!

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