240Z Project

240Z: More panels arrived (Firewall & Seat belt mounts)

KFVintageJDM has been pushing out new panels almost weekly. i saw they now even released a whole damn reproduction rear quarter panel! Something many people have been looking for for a long time!

One of the lately released parts are the inner rocker seatbelt mount’s. I’m  not even sure if i need those, but since they were available, i added them to the package.

I got myself a partial firewall. I only need the lower section, which is quite messed up in my car, but thought it might be easier to have something to work with than make it from scratch:

As you can see on the left the part that is inside the fender is pretty messed up with various welds, rust, bondo and whatnot, so it’s definitely good to have a replacement.

More news tomorrow and next week again…

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