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EK9: Capitalseating Recaro spare parts delivery

If you own an EK9 oder DC2 Honda, you know that the seats sides are one of the weak points of the car, which usually is worn out pretty quick and looks ugly. especially because it’s the first thing you see whenever the door is open. I have been planning refurbish my seats since a while, but only now since the rest of the car has been overhauled, i thought it was time to attack that last remaining area to get her back in a show condition. And then my friend Rene also asked for some parts, so it was time for a group buy.
I was not sure which parts i really need. so instead of buying single parts i thought “why not buy everything which is available”? Ok, Overkill definitely, but that should keep me covered for the next years and otherwise i can easy sell these parts to somebody else. so yesterday i got a complete Recaro Seat puzzle for the EK9 (And some DC2 parts) at my doorstep. The delivery includes all foam pieces and vailable covers.

The foam pieces are genuine Recaro spare parts:

There are some fake parts being sold on the internet, but hese ones are the real deal. easy visible thanks to the mollding numbers, and part number stamps:

Some even have the production date stamped, and i was quite suprized to see that those are quite new. So it seems they still make those. Probably also thanks to the re-enlisted sales of those original seats by recaro? (Not the Honda specific ones)

The covers are not by Recaro but made by Capitalseating themselves with the use of the original Recaro Fabric. For the more complicated upper parts, which they do not sell as completed units, they were nice enough to sell me a few meters of fabric, so my upholstry guy can do them themselves.

the delivery also includes all plastic pieces, bolts, washers, scews, etc, used on the seats. All original Recaro Pieces.

And even the under-seat nets with the hooks. Nice. Not sure when i will have the seats done. most prbably in next winter, when the car is in hibernation i’ll take the seats out and bring them to the upholstry guy to have everything ready for next season.

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