EK9 Project

EK9: Back from the Paintshop & detailing

On saturday i was able to pick up my EK9 from Renè’s Paintshop. And boy does the car look goo!

Instead of re-painting the hood as well, we decided to save that money, give the few stone-chips a simple pencil-brush-up and instead get the paint a complete polish and waxing.
Also Rene and his team were nice enough to Detail some areas. Look at the difference! left cleaned, right before!

The Spoon Kevlar intake hose which had a crappy rattle-can spray job from yours truly, got a nice sand and filling, then a proper paintjob, along with the Factory battery tie-down. Before:


On the car itself the front bumper and lip got separated and resprayed in the factory NH0 Championship white. Here the Maestro is at work:

And then the whole car got an exterieur detailing, polish and Swissvax Wax layer. I also learned that the NH0 CSW was a bit of a special “one-layer” only paint job, whithout additional clear coating and is therefore really prone to getting dull, and can’t be polished too many times. So you better take care of your paint protection on these cars. I will definitely keep a better eye on that. The crappy mobile phone photo’s don’t do the gloss justice, but i have planned a photoshoot in the coming weeks /  months, whenever stars align.
Also i have to re-install the under panel, swap the battery tie-down back to factory, and today (hopefully) i will place the order for the seat spare parts.

Thanks Rene & Team for the outstanding work and overall nice chat.

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