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Call me oldschool, but i prefer to have a nice print in my archive over flashy tiktok videos. I love the feel and smell and look and the fact that you know some serious time was put into creating a real masterpiece. And “A quet greatness” is exactly that.
A 5-book encyclopedia about the Sporty and odd Japanese cars. You won’t find Rocket-bunny kitted driftcars or things like that. Instead you find well researched, beautifully layouted and lovely worded books for the real japanese car lover, collector and enthusiast, covering any significant “sporty” japanese car from the Autozam AZ-1 to the Zagato Autech Stelvio.

The look and feel of these “Coffee table book” Collection is great, the design awesome and a foreword by famous Jay Leno is also included.
The book is written by well known car collectors and japanese ratiy owners Mark Brinker and Myron Vernis and it took them 6 years to collect all photos, information and to write it down, but the time was well worth it.

All the big car brands are included, and the JDM nerd in me is happy to see that lesser known brands such as Hino and Dome are also included.

Additionally you wil find an appendix / Supplement with plenty of additional information, Chassis code lists, rallye wins of japanese cars, etc.

As a small-scale JDM car owner / collector, i’m happy to see that the EK9 got an entrance on multiple pages.

Some cars only get a short mention, some get a bit more attention. You got to love the beautiful pictures, like the Isuzu Bellet GT shown here:

As an S30 owner I’m espeically happy to see many rare and nice photos and a big chunk of one book dedicated to the Fairlady Z and 240Z:

And the PS-30 get’s it’s fare share too, Since one of the authors owns a real Z432:

English language, 1396 pages, 2352 high quality pictures 16kilograms in total, and limited to totally 1’000 pieces.
It’s not exactly cheap, but well worth the investment. I’d say this collection will become a collection item itself over the next years, so grab yours as long as they’re still available.
Find more information here:

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