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240Z: More rare Datsun Switzerland documents arrived again

I’m working on a big story about the Datsun Switzerland history, and therefore i’m collecting old Datsun (Suisse) SA / and Fehlman Motor group Documents. Not all of them, but i’m trying to focus on the rare and old ones. So these days i got a few Documents in my mailbox again.

The first item is a swiss Datsun 1300 A4 double-sided catalog flyer, from 1967. Which i found for sale in france…

The interesting thing here is that both Datsun (Suisse) SA and Nissan Motor Co Foreign trade division names are printed on the Flyer. It also mentions that this Flyer was printed in japan. So it must have been designed by the headquarter especially for the swiss market, in german language…

The second one is an 1967 swiss Datsun full lineup catalogue (with 6 different models only). Probably one of the earliest swiss catalogues available, since Datsun switzerland was only founded by the end of 1966

The interesting things here are the many pictures with cars with swiss numberplates. These must be some of the earliest Datsun’s officially imported to switzerland. Including the CSP311 Silvia (aka Datsun 1600 Coupé).
Depending on how you fold the whole flyer you have either french or german text to the pictuers. I wonder how many cars from those in the pictures still exist these days…

Another interesting and rare document is the original Geneva international Motor show 1973 Press release folder. It’s 56 pages strong and lists all the cars from the show, including the ESV experimental vehicle.

Along the 2-3 pages of written details (in french) for every car, you will also find some pictures (cliches to order) and most insterestingly, it includes the 240Z

This nice Document is an original sales contract between Datsun (Suisse) SA and a dealership in Neuchatel, about a Datsun Cherry. Complete with Fiscal stamps and all. I guess it’s pretty rare to find these Documents. And while it’s not really historically relevant, it shows how Datsun Switzerland used to operate back in the days. And since it was cheap, i had to add it to the collection.

It might still need some time until the story is ready (also have planned to contact some insider-people to get more information), but with every document i get more relevant information and i’m really catching up on this (quite interesting and probably untold) story of a small little company that sold only 6 cars, to what is know as Nissan Switzerland today…

Oh and along some of the swiss documents, there was also this french spec-sheet (printed on special watermarked paper!). Update: I forwarded this one to a french datsun enthusiast meanwhile.

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