Atenza GJ / Mazda 6

ATENZA: Rim cleaning session

When i changed the wheels on the car a few weeks ago from summer to winter tires, i realized that the rims were full of brake-pad dust, despite the fact i ran through a good automatic car wash just two days before.
I usually don’t spend too much time on detailing my daily driver, as i know it will be messed up again two days later. Especially with the current weather conditions.

But this really triggered my OCD. so i bought a spray bottle of Sonax Rim cleaner and started with this (by far not the worst part of them all):

After spraying the rims it immeadiately started to drop down to the floor.

And the brake dust started to turn redish.

Same on the inside:

So i gave them a quick brushdown with the sponge

And then  hosed them down on the outside:

Aaaah, much better 🙂 I will let them dry in my garage below the air dehumidifier, then give it a quick manual wipe down before i put them back in storage to be ready when it’s time for summer tires again 🙂
All in all not a big deal but something i’ve wanted to do since a few weeks now and beside the fact that it’s off my to-do list now, it was also a satisfying and fun little project and an hour well spent.

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