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240Z: Another NOS parts delivery

When i recently talked to Florian at Datsun-autowerk.com/. he reminded me of his stock of nice parts, and we made an exchange deal of some things. So i got this nice delivery of NOS (New-old-Stock) parts today, and some extra:

It includes a set of inner and outer door handles:

Various Door stoppers, hatch stoppers, door lock mounts, etc.:

A heater valve and a clutch Cylinder piston:

Inner door steps, Door seals, some rubber stoppers and seals:

And it also included a nice Japanese Real-X 1/72 300ZX Z31 Model car (thanks for the freebie, mate!)

And also a set of nice Japense market Fairlady Z brochures, which were still missing in my collection!

Thanks as usual for the excellent service, mate!
And stay tuned. another nice Parts delivery is on the way, i bought some more Documents from Datsun Switzerland, and on sunday i will pick up something Cool for the Datsun fans, which i’ve been searching for for quite some years. And i guess i should visit the bodyshop again soon to check out the progress there.

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