240Z Project

240Z: White chassis and rear struts sold, drum brake & rear axle disassembly

To make a long story short, it seems like the horrible stressful summer is over for me and i finally have some time to think about private stuff like my cars. And i’ve really been waiting to come back to the garage… So that’s exactly what i did this week. I spent several evenings over there. Unfortunately not directly ON the car but more some preparation work. Because a fellow local Datsun Z Enthusiast asked me if he could buy my sparechassis and some parts. so i had to prepare it. Here’s what the rear axle looked in the beginning:
P1150384 - Kopie

and a few days later this was leftover and ready for sale along with some small other bits.
P1150396 - Kopie

then i had to prepare the chassis, mainly just cleaning it a bit, because it already was a bare shell with no single bolt left on it. (the fenders are just hung there for easy storage).P1150399 - Kopie

Yesterday Krisztian came and picked up the shell. I’m happy for more than one reason.
First and mainly i know it’s in good hands and that everyย  usable parts (and there are not many on this shell!) will be reaused and transplanted into it’s new owner. So none of the usable parts will be scrapped.P1150401 - Kopie

Second i don’t have to deal with the old chassis anymore and have a lot of storage space back in the garage now ๐Ÿ™‚
P1150402 - Kopie

And last but not least i got some money for it which will be used to bring the second chassis, which is currently at the bodyshop back to life.
This is how the garage looks now. Plenty of space to clean and sort all my spareparts which currently are a bit in a messy order ๐Ÿ™‚
P1150403 - Kopie

So plans for the next weeks are cleaning the garage and going through all my parts stored in there and get them organized better.
Second i have some news regarding the mirrors which i sent for repair a while ago (will make a separate post on that topic soon)
and Then i bought some parts in Japan again which should arrive here soon. So stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚

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