Atenza GJ / Mazda 6

ATENZA: Rear damage accident

This week i was involved in an accident. I had to brake hard because of a car in front of me did the same and two guys crashed in my rear when i had to brake from 100 km/h to zero.
The reson why i write this post is to remind everbody how important it is to keep distance and buckle up!
It was morning i drove to work when out of nowwhere the car in front of me broke hard. I had to brake hard as well, I thought i’d hit him but luckily the car stopped approx 1m behind the car in front of me. Phew.
But then i heard a small crash in my rear and seconds later another one. After i found my illuminating vest i drove my car slightly aside and went outside. this is what i found.
The car behind was only a witness who helped all involved to call the police and secure the situation. I have to really thank this guy for the support.

It took me a while to understand what happened.
1) The car behind me (not visible in the photos, as he drove a few more meters and parked on the other side) had to brake hard behind me too, wanted to aviod a crash and tried to evacuate on the right side of mine.

He was however too close, i assume, so with his mirror, he hit my taillight and with his car the lower part of my rear bumper:

Behind him was a scooter who also failed to brake in time and hit my rear with his front tire (1), front fender (2), steering handle / gloves (3) and helmet (4)

He basically flew over my cars left rear corner. here’s another closeup of the helmet impact location:

Luckily it seems that all damage is repairable on my and the other car. the scooter might be beyond repair but that wasn’t something expensive. But most important is that nobody got serios injuries. The scooter driver was brought to hospital for further clarification but it seems all went well. I’m extremly happy that nothing hurt more. but once again it showed me how important it is to keep distance to your front car. On my drive to work i almost daily witness other cars sticking close to my rear and i hate it. this is the reason why! Stay safe all.
PS: The Mazda went to the bodyshop today and should be fixed soon, i hope.

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