Other: JDM Neighborhood

Every now and then i like to post about special japanese (not neccesarely “JDM”) cars i randomly snap around my area. When i was at my bodyshop i figured out there were some pretty funky cars in the backyard. I asked the bodyguy and he explained they belong to the next-door bodyshop guy which actually has collected a few other J-Tin cars but it seems he never completes these projects.

One of these carse beeing a Crown 4-door with what appears to be a rare column-shifter / Front bench-seats combination:

Next to it was this Honda accord: p1180123-kopie

Kind of rare to see Accord hatchbacks and aside from some rust and dents it seems to look quite nice:p1180122-kopie

Now the sadest of them all. Remember a few years ago when i discovered a Pair of skyline GT-S in my neighbour-town plus a Celica GT-Four? All of them beeing RHD Import cars and probably came due to the JDM-Hype. But it appears that non of them ever got registered. The GT-Four is still standing in front of the shop, the R32 gets driven with garage-plates regulary, but the R33 i lately discovered in their backyard, abandonned and in rough shape.

Paint is peeling off and rust appears on the hood, one mirror is broken off and Dust and moss is taking over the rear end. I know it’s not a GT-R but still i think thos car should have desired a better life than this. Makes me a bit sad to see skyline exported from their homeland just to end up like this…dsc_0826-kopie

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240Z: News from the Bodyshop (rear end work)

So here we go again. Last week i visited the Bodyshop to bring him the rear quarter panel as a reference for the other side he’s currently working on and while there i had a little chat with him and a look around.  The rear quarter is coming along nicely and i love when you can see the rare and pure metalwork with all the bondo and stuff gone. It proves that the car is in brilliant shape after work is done 🙂

As you can see he also started work on the rear end. The bent rear lower panel was gone.p1180118-kopie

What you see here is the panel inside the rear quarter panel where the tank lock is installed. he makes a new one from scratch since the original is scrap.p1180119-kopie

Today i got another update. He also started work on the rear upper end (lower hatch area).

I thought at least that area was rust-free in my car, but iw as wrong. This is how it looked after the upper panel was removed:

My panel beater immediately started to create new ones from scratch:


And while i write this topic just some new Whatsapp messages with Updates dropped into my phone with some detailed view of the final panel in one of the corners from the lower hatch area. Before (top panel already removed):

Original panel cutout and rust protection applied:

Final Panel welded in. Still needs some details but already i think this is a work of art. cant wait to see the rest done. Hoping for more updates soon 🙂

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240Z: NOS Rear Quarter panel arrived + Hayashi Catalogue

On Thursday i was finally able to pick up the NOS rear quarter panel, which i found online a few weeks ago. I wanted to thank the guys from http://www.swissconnection.us/ for their superior shipping service and the seller of this item for his great support. Thanks!

Unfortunately it got a slight dent during shipping, but still a lot easier to fix compared to creating this complete panel from scratch and sheet metal 🙂

You can still see the sticker of the original Nissan Spareparts delivery back in the day:

Beautiful to see all these original welds and shapes. I guess my Car is reaching Concours level soon with all these originanal bodypanels beeing put together 🙂p1180111-kopie

Oh and then i got this from Japan. I asked hayashi to reprint an old catalogue for me with all the NLA Fairlady parts. they agreed but unfortunately we probably got lost in translation a bit and they sent me a new catalogue istead. well who cares still nice to have a new Hayashi catalogue 🙂  p1180116-kopie

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ATENZA: Interieur cleaning day

Nothing special, just spent an hour or so cleaning out the interieur of my daily Mazda yesterday, which has collected a fair amount of dust and dirt over the last months.
And while at it, i decided to take a few pictures. One of them can be seen in the rotating header image now 🙂

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240Z: Motorfan S30 Fairlady Z First generation Special book

Almost forgot about this one 🙂 My buddy Stefan who supports my project where ever he can brought me this magazine from Japan when he recently whent there.
Took me a minute to figure out what magazine this actually is 🙂
Turns out it’s a Motorfan Special book for the first generation Fairlady Z.
I have to admit this is one of the better books from Japan. It contains really a lot useful and rare information which most of the other books don’t really do. Perfect. and thanks a lot Stefan 🙂

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240Z: A visit to the bodyshop again :)

I hate visiting my bodyshop guy because everytime i go there, he reveals some more rust he found. But then again i love it because the work he does is clearly a work of art which not many people in the world can do… But let’s start from the beginning of this week. He finally started to work on my car again and kept updating me with whatsapp messages about every step he did. Well – most of them were more problems which he discovered:

Dents and cheap-ass unqualified rust-repairs and patches everywhere.  Here’s a closer look at the right rear corner. seems like it got a hit at some point:

He asked me to bring the rear lower corner valances and the rear panel today so he could prepare the rest of the repair and when i arrived there i was greeted by this. Jup- not much of the original car left 🙂

But the good news is, as you look closer – the dents in the rear area right from the taillights have been fixed and the area below the gas lid has been fixed as well:p1180098-kopie

This was the patch panel he cutout below the gas lid:   whatsapp-image-2016-09-21-at-19-11-08-kopie

Here the custom panel is welded in. We installed the gas-lid today and it fit perfectly. Quite impressive for a custom-made piece! I made some cool other pictures where we were test-fitting the tabco replacement rear fenders, but for some reason my camera lost them.whatsapp-image-2016-09-21-at-19-11-09-kopie

Expecting big updates soon but as you look close you see there are still a ton of details to be fixed before the big stuff happens. It’s all about the details, baby 🙂

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240Z: Transmission checked, News from the Bodyshop

It has been a while, i know. I’m still working on a few big things which need their time but you’ll see 🙂  But i have some good news:
1) I had my original 5-speed transmission checked by a Pro. Aside from new seals and stuff it seems to be in outstanding condition and doesn’t need a big rebuild. I’ll keep the original one and sell the spare S14 transmission i secured a while ago. But don’t ask me i already have a buyer 🙂

2) I got an update from the bodyshop on friday and hopefully more will follow soon 🙂
– The sandblasted and primered Battery tray got welded back in again (not completed yet):whatsapp-image-2016-09-16-at-17-28-25-kopie

And the finished area of the car got coated to be proteced from rust. whatsapp-image-2016-09-16-at-17-28-48-kopie

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