240Z: TABCO vs Klokkerholm & other Rear quarter panels Comparison

One of the most problematic area in any 240Z restauration are the rear quarter panels. The problem is, that during the years it has most probably been repaired with cheap patches and a ton of bondo. Even the so called “rust-free” cars, since honestly most of them have rust in that area. It’s not the best design which datsun made back then and it just starts rusting. Compared to the front body panels it’s quite tricky to find a suitable solution and of course the best thing you can get is an original rear quarter panel, like i got for the left side:

But it can get pretty hard to find that, so the most common replacement panels used are made by TABCO USA. These are the ones that are sold by most Z-shops and the ones i got first as replacement panels:

Then there are the ones made by Danish company Klokkerholm. They’re still in business but the rear quarters are not produced anymore. I was lately able to get a set of these from some old stock.

Another option is the belgian company “VanWezel”. Same as above they’re still in business but do not support old cars like the 240Z anymore. Probably you’re able to find a set in some old storage somewhere:

And then there’s the Canadian “Wolf steel” Brand in Quebec, Canada. Which officially only has the 280Z chassis parts for sale but it appears that they can make 240Z panels upon request too.

It seems however that the part for the bumper at the rear is missing and some people pointed out it seems to be handmade. Might be an interresting option though but i thought it may be a bit of an overkill for me.

Today i had the possibility to compare both my Tabco and Klokkerholm Panels with my Panelbeater: Generally they both look totally the same, but it’s about the details. Black is klokkerholm, Silver is Tabco:

Both have the same edges. I feel like it’s probably even the same die-press design they’re based on. as they all have the same shape, inkluding the VanWezel panels. However the Tabco is made out of thicker gauge steel compared to the thin Klokkerholm:

And if you look close enough you can see some kind of “dents” or warps at the Arch, which may come from the pressing procedure. This is exactly where the paint shop later has to add Bondo. and i prefer my car to be out of metal and not Bondo. Not very well visible in the picture but it’s full of them and needs plenty of time to get it nice.

Someone pointed out that Klokkerholm and Tabco may have slightly different shapes and radius’ around tha rches but here are both on top of each other and they’re nearly the same:

My bodyshop told me he preferred the Tabco panels because it’s thicker steel and overall in a better shape:

So I’ll end up with the original rear quarter on the left sind and most probably the Tabco panels on the right side. Here’s alittle mock-up by my Bodyshop guy. as you can see even the Tabco’s need some love to fit like t he OEM panels…

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240Z: NOS Air filter

Nothing big, but at the recent Japanclassic.ch show i met my buddy Stefan who had a little gift for me: A NOS Air filter complete with factory boxing. I love this kind of stuff and another piece in the puzzle 🙂

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SHOW: Japan Young- and Oldtimermeeting Bleienbach, 2017

Yesterday i paid a visit to the always great Japanese Young and oldtimermeeting in Bleienbach (Switzerland). It seems like it’s getting bigger and better every year. The great weather brought people from as far away as a 6 hour drive to the show all the way form germany! I met a lot of nice people, old friends and got some new contacts. Fun as ever and a great diversity and selection of cars. But i guess the pictures talk for themselves so here’s the gallery – enjoy! And thanks to the organizers for a great, relaxed and laid back show as ever! I guess this is the best Japanese show that switzerland has to offer!

Check out www.Japanclassic.ch for details about the next year’s show!

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240Z: Transmission internals FS5C71A

While i consider the 240Z quite a common classic (compared to other cars) around the world, it can get hard to find good quality spare-parts – especially for the parts that where installed in markets outside america only. As it is the case with the 5-speed transmission (only optional and rare in the USA). And then even more specially in the case of the early FS5C71A transmission, which i happen to have.

This means a lot of research and sometimes going to the other side of the world and as far as Australia to find some quality parts.

I have to thank the guys at www.SWMotorsport.com.au for providing me with the right parts for my Transmission.

Today i finally got a delivery of:
– Bearing kit
– Front Seal
– Rear Seal
– 1x Front & 2x Center gaskets
– Gear lever Pin & Clip
– Roll Pin
– Speedo drive Seal
– Striker shaft seal

And all for a decent price and fast shipping too! Thank you so much for the great service. Nice to still have those small shops able to provide the market with the stuff we need 🙂

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FOR SALE: L24 NOS Racing camshaft

A reader of this blog asked me if i could help him put his rare part for sale. Usually i don’t do this kind of stuff, but because it’s a rare and cool part i thought in this special case i’d help him.

IT’s a rare NOS Datsun / Nissan L24 CAM with following Markings on t he CAM:
P – 9 /6 – E1031
325 R
482 – 45

The part is located in the netherlands. Selling price is above 700 Euros. Contact the seller directly if you’re interrested: martzedcars@outlook.com I don’t have the part, nor do i know any details about it. I just post the pictures and details he sent me. Please contact him at above email adress to ask for buying it or for further details!

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240Z: Transmission parts and new Rear quarter Panels delivery

One of t hose lucky days again where i get several deliveries at the same time 🙂
One was an Ebay buy, A NOS Transmission breather vent:

The second one was a New Speedo pinion Gear, which was available through Nissan Japan:

Then, thanks to some tips of nice people in the community, i was able to purchase these Rear quarter panels. I promised to not tell the source. It’s a Last stock and one of the people that gave me the tip wants to buy the rest of the stock and sell it.

I have the feeling they are better than the tabco ones. with sharper edges.

When i have time i will make a direct comparison between tabco and these. Big thanks to the people who supported me with buying these. 🙂



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EK9: 10 Years EK9 Anniversary – A little retrospective!

Woooohow! Time to celebrate! When i recently browsed some old pictures, i figured out that, today exactly 10 Years ago, on the 20. April 2007 a journy started which i never thought would take me that far and bring me so much joy. Time to look back:

It all started with above bad quality auction pictures of a Tokyo based Car auction and an auction sheet that met my requirments. My partner in crime was then able to check it out in the auction parking lot and start the motor to see if it runs. He sent me a few pictures and a video of the running motor:

After we lost a few other auctions we finally won this one and a few days later the car was delivered to the RO/RO port of Yokohama by a local towing company. Again i got a few shots from my partner. Meanwhile he was preparing all the shipping documents, Insurrance, tax documents, export certificate, etc…

Here it’s in front of the RO/RO ship.

While waiting for the car to get loaded (took a few weeks), i got a EMS delivery with all the documents needed and the car’s manuals etc. Things started to get “real” 🙂

And another few weeks later my and my buddy were finally able to pick it up in Bremerhaven Port (germany) after a 7 hours drive. This is the first time i see my EK9. I couldn’t be happier. A dream came true back then. And instead of sleeping one night there before returning home as we had planned, we drove it straight back home again 7 hours, because it was just so unreal 🙂

It took me then another three years to finally have it homologated and legalized. It was all a bit tricky because it’s the only kind of B16b motor which has been registered here. And as far as i know it remains the only street legal EK9 in switzerland. Meanwhile even with some nice modifications. Here are some shots i made in it’s original glory:

Every now and then i think about selling the car. I don’t make a lot of miles in it, it costs a lot of money and it’s not really THAT valuable compared to other 90ies JDM cars. However everytime this happens i just hop into the drivers seat, make a little trip up the hills and come back with a huge grin and the decision to never sell it 🙂 who knows – opinions may change, but for now it’s still a bit of a love-thing. Let’s hope to keep her at least another 10 years 🙂 This is how it looks now:

BTW if you’re interrested in my mods you can read a build thread in german here:

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