RACE: Bergrennen Oberhallau 27/28.08.2016

It’s this time of the year again and since it’s a local Event with tons of cool race-cars and Drivers i’d like to Support this Event a bit:
Next saturday and sunday (and the weather seems to get perfect too!) The Bergrennen Oberhallau Hillclimb race is Held again.
Check out all the Informations here: http://bergrennen-oberhallau.ch/

I won’t be able to make it on saturday, but if somehow possible i’ll try to get there by sunday and catch a few Pictures of the race and cars as they race up the Oberhallauer Berg which is only a few Kilometers away from my home.

Here are the Pictures and the Story from 2012:

And 2011:

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240Z: Transmission finally open, NOS rear quarter Panel, 1973 Service Bulletins

Some exciting news! First i was able to finally open up the FS5W71C 5-speed Transmission. Turns out the reason i wasn’t able to open it earlier was because had removed the wrong locking spring *lol*. Small part – big problem.
This is the one to remove on the main shaft bearing, not the small one in front of the bearing 🙂
P1170824 - Kopie

Finally disasembled and ready for checking.P1170827 - Kopie

My unprofessional first check revealed that it’s in quite good condition and no need for a big rebuild, but i will have a professional look over it and definitly will replace a few wear-parts anyway and have the housing repainted.P1170831 - Kopie

Even better news – I was able to source a complete NOS (New Old stock!) Rear quarter panel from the Z. It’s the US-edition with the cutout for the rear sidemarkers but otherwise exactly what i need. Man i’ve never seen something like this for sale in the last years and it was a reasonable price too!!s-l1602 - Kopie

It already arrived at my export agent and will be loaded onto the next sea-freight container to switzerland soon – should arrive here in about 6 weeks 🙂IMG_3828 - Kopie

And then i bought this so i have a bit of extra reference and documents probably 50% of the bulletins are about the S30 chassis or L2x Motors 😉P1170815 - Kopie

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240Z: FS5W71C Transmission Clutch housing removed

Finally i found some time to go back to work in the garage. unfortunately i wasn’t that successfull. My goal was to completely disassemble the main parts of the 5-speed original transmission to check the gears. As you remember i have already removed the rear extension, so i started by removing all the securing bolts from the clutch housing:P1170782 - Kopie

Then it was easy to remove:P1170783 - Kopie

And off it is: P1170786 - Kopie

Next i removed the stopper ring on the main shaft bearing as suggested by the SR311 5-speed transmission manual.P1170784 - Kopie

Unfortunately i wasn’t able to remove the gear xase for whatever reason. it will move slightly but it’s somehow stuck. tried to hammer with a rubber and copper hammer as suggested by the manual but wasn’t able to remove it without hammering too hard. any suggestions here? i’m thankful for any useful input 🙂
BTW: rear extension is only put back to prevent the gears from damage during work 😉P1170787 - Kopie

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ATENZA: Hatch cleaned, Atenza Emblem installed

Has been a while since i did some physical work on any of my cars, but i’m doing a lot of reasarch at the moment and enjoying the short summer. However i felt like it’s time to get some work done today. Started like this:
P1170769 - Kopie

Decided to clean my hatch a bit by removing the “skyactive” and “Mazda 6” Emblems.
Used some dental floss to “cut” through the adhesive stuff:
P1170776 - Kopie

And then removed the rest by rubbing it with my fingers and using solvent cleaner.
Took me about an hour to complete the job 🙂P1170773 - Kopie

Then installed the JDM “Atenza” emblem at the exactly same position:  P1170777 - Kopie

And this is how it ended up. Much cleaner in my opinion 🙂P1170781 - Kopie

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ATENZA / FRIENDS: Emblems / Stickers / Wheel parts delivery

I always thought the Japanese “Atenza” name is way cooler than the european “Mazda 6”design_2nd-row_img3.ts.1503040225174530 - Kopie

So when making the big datsun order in Japan a few weeks ago i decided to throw in the JDM badge as well 🙂
P1170741 - Kopie

And since i plan to update the car with some simple mazdaspeed parts whenever funds allow me i decided to throw in a bunch of mazdaspeed stickers as well, since they are not available here: P1170739 - Kopie

and then i helped a buddy of mine who bought a set of RAYS wheels from japan for his project (more on that soon i guess) with some brand new Volk racing parts to refurbish his old wheels. From left to right: European air valves, Center caps, Wheel refurbishing stickers and some duraluminum Lug nuts at the bottom. Nice stuff and i’m sure the wheels will look awesome and like-new when done.  P1170750 - Kopie

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240Z: Books, Diff adapters, Seat rails, wheel parts delivery

So before i went to vacation i ordered a lot of stuff from japan and elsewere and when i returned two days ago i had a load of boxes and envelopes waiting for me. that’s how returning from vacation makes fun 😀 So what was inside these boxes and envelopes?
A lot of reading material:

1) Brian Long’s Fairlady Roadster to 280ZX book. Probably the most complete Z-book i’ve come along so far.P1170728 - Kopie

2) Original JDM HS30 sports option parts catalogueP1170729 - Kopie

3) Original JDM sports option parts catalogue 1979P1170730 - Kopie

4) Japanese S30 Fairlady Z Complete book, by “Nostalgic  hero” Magazine.  Basically a small Mook that includes scans of all original japanese catalogues and so on. can be quite handy sometimes.P1170732 - Kopie

5) Original JDM Fairlady Z Sales brochureP1170734 - Kopie

cool thing is if you unfold it completely and turn it around it’s a Poster of a Fairlady Z 🙂P1170735 - Kopie

6) JDM Service manual for HS30, PS30, and S30P1170736 - Kopie

7) Only Z Book (Japanese). Probably similar to 1) but in Japanese, tons of informations about Z’s with many spec-tables and so on!P1170737 - Kopie

8) then got the JDM Parts list for the S30 on a CD. already have an other one as PDF file but this one is searchable so probably more handy…
P1170744 - Kopie

9) Now to the non-readable parts 😀 Since i decided to go the Subaru-R180 route differential was wondering what adapters i should use. Wolf creek, Beta motorsports or some others. until i figured out that Kameari makes them for the same price with import and the somehow look a bit more appealing and more OEM to me with the darker material used and so on. and then it’s Japanese too which i always prefer for personal reasons 🙂P1170742 - Kopie

10) and since i have a passenger seat now for the Z i also neaded a seatrail, and here it is 🙂  P1170751 - Kopie

Got more parts in the same deliveries for my other projects and friends. will probably post about it tomorrow 🙂

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OTHER: The Cars of Sweden & My first Mantorp Park experience

Since i have a lot of family, friends and relatives in sweden it’s kind of a tradition for me to go there at least every second year to visit all of them. It’s also tradition to go there by car. While it’s not the most confortable way it’s definetely the most fun way to get there. On the way to my final destination around Västerås in Västmanland, i like to stop once or twice at a camping place (usually at a place i haven’t been before) to explore new places. Well and since we made 4500km’s in two weeks i thought the mazda would be the best choice of car and it defintely was. what a great, comfortable, smooth and spacey car!
P1170695 - Kopie

Since my girl isn’t too much into cars i thought i don’t want to plan the whole vacation around car events. We had planned the date of vacation early due to our work schedules and when i asked around if there are any cool events going on i only got one answer. The power big meet (see later). However nothing JDM related. I figured out i was twoo weeks to early for the annual Gatebil event at Mantorp park and nothing else to see, so i thought i just skip everything car related and if it fits into our tight schedule of visiting relatives and enjoying ourselves we might have a short sneak in at the power big meet. Well…
And then we followed my mazda’s navigation to my parent’s new place in sweden which led me a bit of a strange (but probably the fastest) route to that area, and suddenly i saw a sign at the road: Mantorp. Our brave mazda led us there, hehe 🙂DSC_0392 - Kopie

I have never been there before because i usually go to different areas in sweden but since the gate in the back was open i just HAD to have a look. It was already late in the evening and just a regular saturday or so, so there was no action going on but at least on the parking area a few guys were packing up their race cars:
P1170294 - Kopie

You might know that scandinavians have incredible backyard-engineering skills and build world-class racecars on a budget…P1170295 - Kopie

We sneaked around a bit but decided proceed to our destination.P1170296 - Kopie P1170297 - Kopie P1170298 - Kopie P1170301 - Kopie

At my parents place i checked the mantorp website to figure out that every first monday of the month there is a public trackday. I din’t have any helmet or fire-proof suit with me so i wouldn’t be allowed to race but i thought yeah – maybe more to see then, right? As it was only a 1hour detour to our next destination i thought why not drive by on monday and have a look? that’s what we did:P1170302 - Kopie

unfortunately again there was not too much going on. a small group of porsche and corvette owners were racing around on the track.P1170411 - KopieP1170400 - Kopie

P1170402 - Kopie

and then there was this little guy too 🙂
P1170409 - Kopie

after a few minutes of wandering around we decided to have a look at the paddock area:
P1170410 - Kopie

it was less spectacular than expected. but hence beeing a monday morning i guess most of the cool cars would probably come in the afternoon…anyhow. after a while we saw these guys unloading a pretty serious time attack corvette:P1170407 - Kopie

P1170398 - KopieP1170399 - Kopie

It was surprisingly quiet on the track but seriously fast 🙂P1170401 - Kopie

these  guys also had this cool motor-powered mini-car to drive around the paddock 🙂P1170408 - Kopie

otherwise there wasn’t too much to see. at least one fairlady in the paddocks    P1170412 - Kopie

and later on the track.P1170422 - Kopie

accompanied by this Scirrocco R:
P1170417 - Kopie

After a while we decided to move on with our roud trip and on our way out of the area i pointed my camera into the two workshops which had open garage doors in the pit-area. one seemed to be a serious race-shop.P1170423 - Kopie

The other one was a radical dealer and Formula car trackday rental / racing school shop:P1170424 - Kopie

on our way out i couldn’t refuse to force my girl to make a picture of myself driving out the driveway (it’s not the track unfortunately) of Mantorp park. I swear next time i’m in sweden i will try my best to get to the gatebil at Mantorp!P1170427 - Kopie

However in västeras there is this thing called “Power big meet”. It’s worlds biggest US-car / Rockabilly Meeting. Seriously it is! people come there from all over the world and sweden has a crazy amount of american sleds and muscles. So during the two weeks in sweden we saw at least 30 (really!) or so american classics on the road every day. some of them seemed to follow us the entire two weeks 🙂P1170513 - Kopie


I thought it wouldn’t be too interressting to me, but as closer as the event came (and we even passed the city of Västeras one of these days) i regretted to not have planned to go there as there were so many cool people and cars driving around on the street and i would have loved just to have a look at a different car culture for fun. Well that was it. on our way back we saw a bunch of mazda MX-5 roadsters in The city of Roskilde, some of them seemed to be quite a bit modified 🙂P1170726 - Kopie

Well. that was it. next time i definitly will organise my things around some car events 🙂

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OTHER: Honda S600 “Barn Find”

A While ago my Buddy Stefan, Manuel and I and went to a special place with a lot of cars and carparts. Unfortunately they didn’t have any Z-Parts so i left a bit earlier since i had the longest drive back home. A few weeks later Stefan calls me and tells me the owner of this place told him about a Honda S600 or S800 which is somewhere in the huge area.

In total one complete car and two in parts. Since one of my friend is one of europe’s biggest Classic Honda S-Chassis specialist and another one is currently restoring two of them i thought this might be interresting. I asked Stefan to send me some pictures when he goes there next time and that’s what he did – Thanks a lot 🙂

After all it looks like only one Car, and with the ornamet in the hood, i guess it’s an S600 car and not an S800. Also i talked to the guys mentionend above and it seems like there are quite some Stocks with parts so it seems like the interrest in this parts was not as big as i thought.

Nevermind. If somebody is interrested, get in contact with me, i may be able to arrange something. But note that it’s not my car, i live two hours from tha place and cannot just drive by and pick something up and also i’m pretty sure the owner knows the value of these parts. so don’t expect lowballer prices but also the prices are not horrendous or something.

Available parts are (See pictures):
-1 chassis
-2 hoods
-2 Trunks
– 1 Windscreen
– 1 Folding roof
– 1 Front End metal piece
– 4 Wheels
– 2 Seats
– Lots of small bits and pieces (See pictures) and probably a lot more

It looks like some rats lived in the chassis for some time, but overall i guess most of the parts are still useable and restoreable.image10

And, the rest of the pictures. thanks for your support Stefan.image12 image13 image14 image21 image22 image23 image24 image25

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ATENZA: OEM Accessory Tray

I know it’s nothing big (Some small bits from Japan are on the way and some bigger plans for the future are there), but since we’re making a big roadtrip in our trusty and spacey Mazda 6 soon, i thought i’d upgrade my Mazda a little bit with an accessory Tray, which is a Mazda dealer accessory:
P1170230 - Kopie

BeforeP1170232 - Kopie

After 🙂 It’s perfect for storing a Mobile phone while charging it at the USB slots or putting some chewing gum in there 🙂P1170233 - Kopie

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240Z: JDM L6 Aftermarket Intake Manifolds & Turbo Surge tanks

Ok, i started this post about intake Manifolds a while ago when i was looking for one. Meanwhile i got a nice, oldschool FET intake sitting in my shelve and waiting to be refurbished and installed. Well however since then i found more and more other options and thought i make Post about all classic and Modern Intake manifold Options from the Land of the rising sun. Im a JDMjunky after all 🙂 I know there are plenty of other (mainly US) options but this is about the japanese only.

Sanyo Kiki / SK / S-
Japanese brand which still exists, but has been splitted into different groups and doesn’t produce intakes under that brand name anymore (See below). I so far found three different designs:
The Very first one was marked with “S-三” only:
s-l16005 - Kopie

The second version is marked with “SK” and “SANYO”, while the overall functional design seems to remain the same.
SK old - Kopie

SK Sports kit
The third version was a complete Kit sold with a later Sanyo Kiki intake cast-design but also came with the carbs and everything. Quite a popular choice and i like it:
SK sport - Kopie

OER Corporation
In 1983 Sanyo-Kiki was splitted into different branches and their Carb-business got renamed to OER Corporation. Since then the old SK-kits have ben redesigned and sold under their new brandname either as Intake only or complete OER Sports injection kit (Still available new through OER Japan):


Tomei powered
Was available new until around late 2014, not anymore sadly. If you compare the pictures it seems like this is an almost 1:1 copy of the datsun Competition or ohtsuka Intake (See below)tomeimkl - Kopie

Datsun Competition
Datsun USA / Nissan Japan sold this intake Manifold as an optional “sports” Intake for the Mikuni / Solex PHH44 Intakes (Picture from the 1978 Competition catalogue): 1978 datsun comp - Kopie

I Don’t know if Ohtsuka is a Brandname or just some other description. But well known Dr. Alan of 240Z Fame identified this one as an “Ohtsuka” Intake manifold. The previous Owner Ray A. allowed me to use his pictures. Kudos Ray!
If you look close you can see it looks very similar to the datsun competition Manifold, but the fin in the center of the competition item is at the edge in the Ohtsuka type manifold. Also the funnels appear to be a bit shorter in this one. If anybody has more informations about this, please let me know! BTW. i don’t think it was blue when it was new, someone must have painted it over the years 😉
Ohtsuka 1 Ohtsuka 3

FET / Far east trading / Kyoku-To
Here we have an early Kyoku-To Design Intake manifold (Kyoku-To = Far east)FET old - Kopie

Later versions came branded as F.E.T. and had the additional Balancer tube on top. This is what i got for my car. I heard the balancer tube makes idling adjustment a bit tricky but i got it mainly because of the finned design will fit my Kakimoto valve cover excellently.
Compared to some other brands this one has very short funnels which is great if you don’t have much space.
P1150443 - Kopie P1150449 - Kopie

EXCEL / Solexcel
A reader of the European DPAN Facebook group emailed me a picture of his “Excel” Intake manifold kit:
13516264_298911203775351_5811818961973100799_n - Kopie

I first wasn’t sure if it was a japanese brand at all, but a bit of googling and i found some adverts and pictures of similar Kits for the A14 Engine (Pictures courtesy of datsun1000.com). Unfortunately wasn’t able to find more Information or Pictures from an L-series Setup or Kit.Excel - Power kit - JDM - Kopie

It seems like they were among the first companies to use dyno’s to tune their stuff. Their kits are sometimes also dubbed “Solexcel” Kit which is a complete kit with Solex Carbs and Excel manifolds, etc…Excel Power Kit 2- JDM - Kopie

Mikuni is mainly known for their Famous Carbs (actually they built Solex carbs in licence) But they also had their own intake manifolds for the L6 Engines (picture shows a repainted one)
Mikuni - Kopie

Like most others Mikuni sold a complete Kit Including carbs and all the bits for the  L6 Motor:
Mikuni 2 - Kopie

Harada Shokai
Looks pretty similar to many other designs but is still available and probably the technically most advanced, modern and best engineered design. aside from all the annodize bits i think it looks very oldschool 😉Harada_M1002 - Kopie

Kameari Racing
Intake Manifolds are still availabe new from kameari Japan for various carb sizes and applications. UPDATE: I got noticed that Kameari just re-sells Harada Shokai intakes. and comparing the pictures this might be very true. Unfortunately i cannot understand the japanese text in the kameari catalogue to confirm this. but most probably this is true as the Pictures, partnumbers and kits look very similar and still both are available 😉 Unfortunately often referred to as “Kameari Intake” which is wrong since it’s a Harada 😉
Kameari Manifolds - Kopie

Here’s a closer look at one of them:Kameari 44mm Intake manifold - Kopie

Hayashi racing
So far only got this single picture showing a Hayshi racing L28 Intake manifold and i’m not sure if it will fit the other L6 heads but it looks beautiful:Hayashi L28 - Kopie

UPDATE: Found another picture on ebay:
Hayashi 5

HKS Surge Tank version 1
Now to the Turbo side of Things. The rare (and sold expensively nowadays) HKS Surge tank Version 1 was an early design. Not sure what L6 Engine (L20, L24, L26, etc) it was built for. most probably the L24. I first thought it was just some kind of an airbox to put on the carbs and then add a Turbo on the front. But my buddy Krisztian explained that these have a pretty smart design so that the venturi principle also works under turbo-pressure and it has an almost perfect airflow to the carbs. pretty crazy for that age. These kind of setups are also known as “Blow-through-Turbo-Setup”:

HKS Surge Tank version two
Used a more modern Cast design and was made for the L28 Engine according to the Catalogue picture below.Unbenannt - KopieUnbenannt2 - Kopie

SANY1288 - Kopie

HKS Twin Turbo Setup
If you compare the pictures above and below, the little “Add-on” part on the surge tank looks different. but the one in the catalogue below is stated as a Twin Turbo kit in an official HKS Ad, and i guess it was used mainly for the popular drag-racing back in the days then 🙂

Ad in old Carboy Magazine, Provided by Jeremy Wilbur – Thanks a lot!13179415_1080843995306602_764442320290251650_n - Kopie

HKS St. Turbo Kit
Aside from the mainly Z-based kits shown above and below, HKS Also offered a Turbo “Upgrade” kit for the C210 Skyline “Japan” which already came with a low-pressure L20ET turbo-Engine from the  Factory. This Upgrade kit with a bigger turbo and the Piping would improve power. I guess this one will also fit other L-series engines but not sure about that (and probably needs extra parts from a factory-turbo L-series to fit the non-turbo engines)

Tomita Auto “Hayate” Turbo Kit:
A Company called Tomita Auto (By Race Driver Yoshikazu Tomita, later part of famous Tommy Kaira) made a very similar Turbo Kit for the Fuel Injected L-Series Motors called the “Hayate” (Storm / Gale) Turbo Kit (See also here)

Here is an old ad for the kit:
bdcf036680 - Kopie

SK Compo Turbo Kit:
Since Big power-figures was all the rage back then, not only HKS came up with a turbo / Twinturbo kit but also Sanyo Kiki. There was the SK Compo Turbo Kit which was more or less an Blowthrough-Airbox for their SK Sports kit mentioned at the beginning of this post, similar to the HKS System.
Unbenannt3 - KopieUnbenannt4 - Kopie

The picture below shows a similar SK Compo kit used with the SK Sports kit for a twin-turbo setup (See turbo manifold at the bottom), but i’m not sure if Sanyo-Kiki ever officially sold this kit or if it was just custom-made out of the normal Compo Turbo Kit:blogger-image-1509684505

Here’s an ad showing what i guess is the full kit including the piping to the left and on the right side the “Standard” SK sports kit with Solex carbs and SK Filters 😉
image-SK35 - Kopie

Well there are/were other Japanese Manufacturers but sadly wasn’t able to find any pictures or informations of these. if you have some Pictures, Data or Ads, i would be very interrested!! Get in contact if you have some pics or information or know anything about another Japanese manufacturer i missed here, or if you have more details on one of the ones liste above. i’m pretty sure there are more out there and i’m sure the datsun community will like to know about them 🙂

I’m sorry to say that some of These Pictures are not mine. I Collected them over many years from the Internet and unfortunately i was often not able to track down the the original source anymore.
The sources i know are
– RHDjapan.com
– Kameari engineworks Catalogue
– Harada Shokai Website
– Various Ebay sales
– Datsun Competition Website
http://www5.plala.or.jp/power_planning/history.htm lots of old SK ads!

If any of These Pictures are yours i will happily add your credits or remove them upon request. I tought it’s ok to post it here since it’s about General interrest to every Z-owner to get some knowledge and history and sadly too much of this Information already disappeared in some bookshelves or the depths of the Internet.

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