240Z: Gear selector refresh welds by Cagedude

In my last post about the 240Z you could easy see how the gear selector was worn out and had some concave marks where the balls meet the selector.
Since it’s a Cast iron item it’s a bit tricky to weld. And if you’ve been following me for a while you know there’s only one superhero for me when it comes to metal and welding:
My buddy Stefan SchΓ€r – who own’s an awesome little collection of beautiful Nissan’s and Datsun’s by the way – So i sent him that thing to fix it:
Before (Clearly some “holes” visible):

After some pre-treatment and cleaning the holes got welded up:

and then ground back to originale flatness:

Surface is way smoother than it was from factory. Now those shifts should be direct as New again. Maybe even better πŸ™‚ Β 

Next it’s going off to Glass-bead blasting, then the transmission is ready for assembly again πŸ™‚

For Stefan, he opened up his own business “Cagedude” lately, specializing in rollcages, but doin’ basically anything that involves some metal and welding (and cars maybe) πŸ™‚
Check out his facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/cagedude/ for some examples.
His stuff is really work of art, and i have the highest praises for all the stuff he’s done for me so far. And he’s a super nice guy too, with a lovely little family. Check it out and support Stefan / Cagedude, you won’t regret it πŸ™‚

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EK9: When problems solve them selves pt. II – Fresh paint

Lately problems on the EK9 seem to almost magically solve them selves πŸ™‚
Like it happened with the windshield, another problem was solved again.
A few weeks back one of the huge Garage-door return- / Counterweight-springs burst (a previous owner had installed a wrong one) and the part that flew away left an ugly scratch mark on my rear bumper of my EK9, which was parked close to the spring in the garage:

I’ve wanted to repaint my rear bumper and rear lip already since long, because it had several scratches and paint-chips, and the rear lip had a bad fitment, but i thought it’s too expensive to have it well done and i will have some marks again soon anyway so i let it be.

Well – the good thing is the insurrance company of the lady we rent the house from had to pay for this damage above, and the extra-price to have the rest of the bumper done (since it’s removed anyway) wasn’t that big. I thought “let’s pay the few extra bucks from my own money” and had the complete rear bumper disassembled, re-painted (including the lip) and nicely assembled and aligned again.

Turns out it had a few problematic areas underneath as well from a mild previous accident (nothing bad) and they fixed that as well, and even did some touch-up on some paint-chips on the front lip.
Frash as fresh can. Super happy with the work- well done to all involved πŸ™‚

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OTHER: The GT-R in front of my Office place

I’m not a big fan of Car-spotters and i’m neither a big fan of modern Tuning styles, with super-low cars and flashy colours that are purely for show purpose. However lately i discovered that any now and then a GT-R is standing in front of the building where i work. And i guess the Car did what it was intended – it grabbed my attention πŸ™‚
Honestly it first looked like a widebody Liberty-walk car or something so i thought iΒ  grab my camera and have a closer look the next time it’s there. That was exactly what happened today.

Upon closer inspection it wasn’t a widebody car, but a tuned GT-R is rare enough in Switzerland, so i thought i’d give it a little feature anyway. (which i normally reserve for friends projects).

Aside from a grey-ish paint or Foil it appears to have an APR-Wing which seems legit, as these are now available with all the needed documents in Switzerland. Other than a few light Aero mods and nice work wheels, painted brake calipers and a few stickers and Speedhunters x Takata tow straps it seemed to be mostly stock. Except from some obvious lowering.

However, what made me a bit curious was the AMS Alpha9 Stickers. AMS Performance is the Company that makes crazy-horsepower GT-R’s both for street, strip and track.

A quick googling revealed the kit costs 24’000.- USD without import or installation. And this beeing switzerland it would cost some extra grand just for having it street legal too.
Also i wasn’t able to quick-find a company that sells this in switzerland with homologation, so it would be a lot of work (See my EK9) to get this street legal for a single-person. And it seems to be privately owned. To be honest i doubt this car is running an Alpha9 kit.

But then i don’t know the owner nor the car. If you’re the owner, please contact me, i’d really like to know more about the car and you. And then – who am i to blame? I was running cheap ass replica skunk2 and Mugen stickers on my Daily EJ9 in the early days πŸ™‚
Also big probs for owning a nicely executed car and running original Work wheels and not any replica wheels. The car looks great and is in really good shape!

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PLACE: A Visit to the Mazda Classic Museum Frey in Augsburg

Over the last days, my job led me to visit the bavarian area of Germany by car. It was a 4,5 hour roadtrip each way and while planning my route, i figoured out i’m driving by Augsburg. Suddenly i remembered that lately there opened a Mazda museeum in Augsburg. So a bit of googling and a little detour on my way home and finally i was there:

The building is a former Tram-depot in the middle of the city, beautifully restored and worth a visit itself. But inside is where all the glory is going on πŸ™‚

Mr. Frey, who was one of the first to Import mazda to germany, and now including his two sons, has one of worlds largest private collections of Mazdas and rotary-machines. And as it seems he’s pretty into historic mazdas, sportier mazdas and everything rotary. The lady at the entrance told mey they have 140+ cars. While the exhibition only shows about 50 of them, the cars on display will change every now and then. next time in Spring 2018.

When you enter first you’re greeted by a beautifully, all original RX-7 FD3s

But the real masterpiece is on the other side. An absolutey pristine Mazda Cosmo sport. one of the blue-chip Japanese cars currently.
It’s restauration can be seen here in the “mazda garage” Youtube show, as well as Cindy and Det race it on the Rallye Hamburg-Berlin:

The fun thing isn that the exhibtion is all about special mazdas with some historic value. On one side you’ll see a history full of the very first Mazda cars, trikes and other stuff from the very beginning. Things you won’t just find on your classic car auction…

Like the Mazda R360, which was actually Mazda’s very first passenger car they built:

All of these cars are restored to perfection too:

On the other side you’ll find a lot of Rare Japan-only cars… Like the Autozam AZ-1 Kei-Car gullwing-doors coupe:

Or the Roadster / MX-5 Coupe, A limited version with a roof installed:

And even the weird mini-cars like the Mazda Chantez πŸ™‚

Of course there were many sports cars too. 323 GT-R AWD anyone? The real Mazda Hot-hatch πŸ™‚

Or maybe you prefer an original RX-7 Rallye machine?

And if you prefer it a bit more classy – one of my absolute hero cars, the RX-3 Savanna:

And then there are the oddballs which were sold here, but never really a hit, and now many years later they’ve become something like “insider-cars” πŸ™‚Β Β  Like the Xedos branded Luxury coupes:

Or the Mazda 323 FamiliaΒ  Cabriolet ( i didn’t even know these existed πŸ™‚

Or how about some cool Mazda Bongo utility vehicle?

Or more utility Like the 1972 Mazda Pathfinder, built in Myanmar / Burma?

And then of course, beeing mazda – Everything Rotary. Like one of my alltime-favourites. the REPU Rotary Pickup:

Heck, they even had a rotary BUS by mazda on Display!

And since i love station wagons, an RX-4 Station wagon πŸ™‚

Check out the gallery below to see all the pictures. and forgive me the bad picture quality, I forgot to take my “good” camera with me and only had my pocket camera on hand. What a shame. Still hope you enjoy the Pictures and if you’re near Augsburg, i really recommand a visit to this fantastic place!

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RACE: Hillclimb Bergrennen Oberhallau 2017

To be honest i’m not following motorsports too much of, but i love it and whenever the circus comes to town i try to get my dose of Ethanol fumes and the smell of burnt rubber for the year πŸ™‚ The hillclimb of Oberhallau is part of various racing series which attend every year. As most of hillclimb its pretty dangerous and you find everything from amateur racers to full-on pro’s with unlimited budget and crazy cars.
I went there this past sunday and unfortunately i was a bit late to the party so it was a bit hard to get good photographing spots.
First i started at the starting point where normally crazy racecars are seen i was bit surprised to se this Renault alpine making a hell of a noise πŸ™‚

right behind him was this Widebody Bavarian machine which is always a great sight:

followed bi an even more rare Bavarian machine:

And sticking with the bavarian theme, this was right behind the spectators place where there is always a little exhibition of cool cars, looks quite tame compared to the one above, but still a cool couple πŸ™‚

One of the most unexpected machines was this one. quite sure it was not competitive but the gentleman driving it was having a blast i guess πŸ™‚
Ibn case if you’re wondering it’s an “Talbot Darracq T150C” without fenders and stuff!

After that i wandered a bit around the paddock area to figure out ther were quite a few hondas competing this year, compared to last years:

This is ruedi Fuhrers CRX with K-series engine and all. Built by a small group of enthusiats. I was surprised how fast it was at the starting line to say at least!

I love how the pit area is basically just backyards, barns and streets of the local small farmers-village and free to everybody to wander around and talk to the mechanics, take a closer look at the cars and racers:

In between the race blocks there are always a few show laps and drifting is quite popular with the crowd so this GT-86 with a V8 and a lot of noise was a constant crowd plaser πŸ™‚

One car i love to see every year is the Mazda 323 driven by an older gentleman. Not quite the easiest car to build a race-car off in switzerland πŸ™‚

This toda Powered AE86 made me jump around a little. looked so clean and nice:

Also the specactors parking lot always hides a few specials and is worth a walk. How about this Celica classic?

You prefer it more modern? then the S15 Silvia wil suit you for sure πŸ™‚

This dude was quite the surprise too. A Nissan Sunny GTi-R, which was RHD too so must be a legit import. quite cool πŸ™‚

and then this one, needs no introduction i guess πŸ™‚

It was a super nice day even if i wasn’t able to see it all. See the rest of the pictures in the gallery below.

Last i’d like to point out that this is probably one of the last pictures taken of 33 Year old Marcel Wittwer. Here he was returning from Stint 2 to the paddocks. Probably 1 hour later his life took a tragic end in stint 3, when he lost control over his Peugot 205, hit a tree and died immediately. The race was aborted after this accident for good reason.
I can only imagine how hard it is to loose a person, but from what i understoud at least he died happy, doing what he loved most.
All my condolences to the family and friends. Rest in Piece.

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ATENZA: Mazda recall (new trunk gate dampers)

Last week i got a phone call from my Dealer that i will recceive a letter from Mazda switzerland soon, telling me that i would get some free new trunk gate dampers, due to a recall. Read more about the recall here
I digged a bit deeper and it seems like supplier of the gas shocks “Showa” of Japan had a big batch of faulty dampers which they would replace for free. They were also installed on a series of Nissans and other cars.
So i went there and got a set of new dampers installed within 15minutes. Great service πŸ™‚

Old ones:

No corrosion visible. I guess they just exchange all, even if many of them aren’t even affected:

New ones in:

Oh and after that i decided to give my car a proper and serious cleaning. Better pictures will follow πŸ™‚

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RACE: Bergrennen Oberhallau Hillclimb 26. / 27. August 2017

I don’t do any ads for others but since this is the one well known (and very close to my home) Hillclimb race of international calibre, i’d like to support them since i know a lot of people who work there as volunteers and it’s a lot of free work they provide for the event.
If you’re interrested in HIllclimb racing and near, come to oberhallau next weekend and enjoy the big variety of racecars on track.
From showlaps in rare classics, drift demos to the serious racing with laps of the swiss hillclimb cup, european KW Berg-cup (with the very well known cars), race-taxi, Formula-cars, open-wheelers and around 400 race cars on all levels and eras of racing in full-on race mode – if you like motorsports, come here.
For more details check https://bergrennen-oberhallau.ch
The weather seems nice, so i guess i’ll be there with my EK9 as a spectator and to take some pictures for you guys – i hope.
Let me know if you’re there – always fun to meet some friends πŸ™‚

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