240Z Project

240Z: Body panels delivery to the bodyshop and next steps discussion

Soo, on friday i got a call from my bodyshop that they want to start work ASAP, because they have already an epxensive Pre-WW Bentley scheduled for fall and want to complete mine until then. So how am i to turn them down?

I prepared all my bodypanels in stock, and also made an inventory to make sure nothing gets lost. it seems that not much of the original metal will be left at the end. but honestly, i give them many items just as reference or for “in case”

I packed everything into my In-law’s transport bus

And spent quite some time at the bodyshop to discuss some details. Out of excitement, i forgot to take pictures, so the below one is the only one you’ll see today.
We also discussed a few portions of the bodywork done by the previous bodyshop and saw that some of the self-made bodypanels look nice at first glance but don’t align to my quality standards, so i just placed another order for the RH rocker panels and floor pans, which are now available in better quality than the stuff i got 6 years ago. and he will re-do the work. Yeah it’s a bit of a pain-in-the-back but at the end i want the result to be as close to perfect as possible, so i decided that little extra-work won’t hurt while they’re at it anyway.

If everything goes well you’ll see regulare updates here soon in this space. stay tuned.

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