240Z Project

240Z: Chassis straightening, loads of small parts delivery

Today i have some very good news, some not so good ones and then some good ones again.
The very good news: The bodyshop started working on the car in full force. And they seem way more professional than the previos one. Not that he was really bad or so, but you see those guys have a different approach of working. Before they even plugged in the welder, they decided to measure through the entire chassis and compare them to the original drawings and check if everything is straight.
And now the bad news. It seems it’s not. According to them, it once got a hit front left, and the difference from height from the left to the right side is approx 1,5cm.
The good thing is, i have the complete NOS factory LH Frame rails. complete front inner fender and Air channels. so basically they can rebuild a whole corner of the car with NOS parts.
But before they start, they will put the car on an alignment bench and get it straight. Otherwise it makes no sense to replace parts on a bent car. you better get it right before you even start. While one guy measures all the corners and is setting up a plan in which order the car needs to be rebuilt so it remains solid all the time, the other guy is already busy preparing all the old panels. Some have small storage and transport dents or need corrrection here and there, so the other prepares all the body panels. excellent. They promised to send some pictures soon. I yet have to see the work, but i have a much better feeling. They haven’t asked for a cent yet, while the other one always wanted to be paid in advance (which i can also understand somehow), they have set up multiple calls to clarify details, they ask the right questions and are more interested in showing me solutions than showing me problems they found. So far, that’s way more my kind uf guys. let’s see.

Now the good news again: I was able to obtain another big Parts lot from an old parts hoarder. This time it’s not so many NOS parts, but more of well preserved or resfurbished stuff. Mainly about 20 kilograms of replated bolts and fasteners in really good quality (he sorted them for his own usage and only kept the good ones from dozens of z’s which he dismantled over his lifetime) and now i got all the “leftover” replated bolts.

But you also will find a bunch of really good rubber pieces. and some NOS parts now and then scattered in.

These plastic parts and wiring from the ventilation / heating system will definitely be handy. they’re in excellent condition. If you look closely you also find some parts which are from later generation Z or ZX cars, but the most is from the 240Z as far as i can see.

Plenty of replated stuff.

I have to double check if those are really from the 240Z, but nevertheless, they’re a set of NOS factory decoration stripe decals. I won’t use them, so will definitely put them up for sale, once i have confirmed what car they’re for.

Again, multiple kilocrams of Nissan Z and ZX bolts and washers. i’m sure this will come in handy when something is missing 🙂

I have a box where i collect my stuff for replating. but now many of that is already available freshly plated, like the hood holder, shown below.
The dull gold one is one that a previous owner painted and would have needed a blasing / Sanding and replating, while the one below is now already freshly refurbished.
Overall i will need some time to figure out which parts are usable for my car and which not, but the parts that fit my car are definitely worth the price

Oh and i just spent some money in Japan for some really, really cool parts, and as soon as the sea-freight shipment arrives here in probably 2-3 months, i will be able to show you more.
Also have a few smaller orders open, and some work happening soon with my EK9. so expect plenty of updates in the near future on this very page.


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