240Z Project

240Z: A set of seats and some more parts

A few weeks ago i saw a set of 240Z factory seats for sale locally. I put a bid on them because i thought they’re in better condition then the ones i had, or i could use them as parts donors or sell them again if not needed. I didn’t expect to win the auction but well i did.. so today i went to pick them up from a nice bloke:

The seats are used, but generally in nice condition. Perfect for a refurbish:

I asked the seller if he maybe had some more parts, and he said he sold his Z approx 20 years ago and is cleaning out his garage. He modified his blue 240Z back then with some recaro seats, that’s why the seats where for sale, but he also put a whale-tail spoiler and other fancy stuff of the time on the car. So he also had an original trunk spoiler for sale. This comes in handy, as most of them have their bolts rusted off. this one is still quite good, so i might even use this one instead the one i once repaired for myself:

Aside from the Dashboard metal cowl / trim piece thing (see first photo), he also had these units: A set of NOS door chrome mouldings. Complete with the factory “Hashimoto Forming Kogyo Co. Ltd” protectve sticker on it, etc. Definitely something you come across every day, so overall i’m happy with my purchase. I have a good set of spare seats, a nice spoiler, NOS window mouldings and a dashboard trim piece.

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