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240Z: NOS Rear Quarter panel arrived + Hayashi Catalogue

On Thursday i was finally able to pick up the NOS rear quarter panel, which i found online a few weeks ago. I wanted to thank the guys from https://www.swissconnection.us/ for their superior shipping service and the seller of this item for his great support. Thanks!

Unfortunately it got a slight dent during shipping, but still a lot easier to fix compared to creating this complete panel from scratch and sheet metal 🙂

You can still see the sticker of the original Nissan Spareparts delivery back in the day:

Beautiful to see all these original welds and shapes. I guess my Car is reaching Concours level soon with all these originanal bodypanels beeing put together 🙂p1180111-kopie

Oh and then i got this from Japan. I asked hayashi to reprint an old catalogue for me with all the NLA Fairlady parts. they agreed but unfortunately we probably got lost in translation a bit and they sent me a new catalogue istead. well who cares still nice to have a new Hayashi catalogue 🙂  p1180116-kopie


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