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240Z: News from the Bodyshop (rear end work)

So here we go again. Last week i visited the Bodyshop to bring him the rear quarter panel as a reference for the other side he’s currently working on and while there i had a little chat with him and a look around.  The rear quarter is coming along nicely and i love when you can see the rare and pure metalwork with all the bondo and stuff gone. It proves that the car is in brilliant shape after work is done 🙂

As you can see he also started work on the rear end. The bent rear lower panel was gone.p1180118-kopie

What you see here is the panel inside the rear quarter panel where the tank lock is installed. he makes a new one from scratch since the original is scrap.p1180119-kopie

Today i got another update. He also started work on the rear upper end (lower hatch area).

I thought at least that area was rust-free in my car, but iw as wrong. This is how it looked after the upper panel was removed:

My panel beater immediately started to create new ones from scratch:


And while i write this topic just some new Whatsapp messages with Updates dropped into my phone with some detailed view of the final panel in one of the corners from the lower hatch area. Before (top panel already removed):

Original panel cutout and rust protection applied:

Final Panel welded in. Still needs some details but already i think this is a work of art. cant wait to see the rest done. Hoping for more updates soon 🙂

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