240Z Project

240Z: Project state update 2020

As a regular reader you may have noticed the lack of real updates on the Z project over the last few years. My Teacher in primary school always told me “do one thing by the time, but that well” and ever since, i’ve stuck with it. When i do something, i fully concentrate and dedicate myself to it. So when i get the feeling that i have different priorities that need my attention, then i will put a project aside and “forget” about it. That was what unfortunately happened with the Z, when i had the great oppurtunity to organize an incredibly nice wedding with my now-wife and build an absolutely great dream-home to us.
Approx 1,5 years after all this was done, i can say that most of the small stuff that was leftover from these projects are done now and even with corona, short-term work and the new management school which i started, i have the feeling that finally i have some “free” time to spend on my cars again. Actually i already spent a few evenings with the Z again this week. So you can expect some updates on this blog soon.
Unfortunately i lost track of all those small things i was working on for the car, so i really have to bring myself into the project again. There will always be hurdles like missing money or time, but the project was never dead and i still have a strong plan to finnish it at some point. I’ve ordered parts, and slowly getting back into the project again. So i really hope there are more regular updates again soon.
here’s a picture of chassis number one, which i bought almost exactly 10 years ago and which brought me into the Z-restoration thing and quickly escalated into the huge restauration project i have now. but it’s still fun and i love to tinker with it (allthough i’m on chassis number two now), with the goal to finally enjoy the fruits of labour at one point. Let’s just hope that gasoline powered cars have not been banned by then 🙂

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