• 240Z: Looking for inner rear Fender LH & Air vent Channel LH

    I’m still looking for two (prefereable NOS) panels to complete the 240Z Chassis. IF you have those parts and are willing to sell, or if you know somebody, please contact me by any possible way!! thanks in Advance. 1) The Front air Channel LH. Nissan Part No: 64151-E4100 superseded by 64151-N4501 2) The rear inner fender LH: 76713-E4150 Superseded by 76713-N3450

  • ATENZA: Photoshoot 2020

    Ever since i installed the new optional / Mazdaspeed Roof spoiler, i wanted to grab my camera and take some nice pictures. Well it didn’t really happen until yesterday. I decided to give it a quick wash and checked out some locations. Decided the local Quarrel was the perfect spot at sundown. I then selected three of the best pictures and made them a bit more clean and expressive, using my simple and very limited photoshop skills. Here we go, i hope you enjoy them as much as i do 🙂

  • TRIP: Grand Tour of Switzerland pt. 4/4 – Montreux – Gruyere – Estavayer le lac- Neuchâtel – Schaffhausen

    Before i return back to normal operation with more car related blog posts, i’d like to share the fourth and last installment of our Roadtrip. We start where the last post ended (in beautiful Montreux) and slowly move back homewards, with a few stopovers in between. Our first stop was where we actually wanted to stop at Day 1 of our tour, but then changed plans (See last post). Gruyere: Gruyere is a beautiful little village on top of a hill with an attached historic castle, surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery… The world famous castle is extremely well preserved and definitely worth a visit: Look at the incredible size of…

  • TRIP: Grand Tour of Switzerland pt. 3/4 – Schaffhausen – Jaunpass – Col du pillon – Montreux

    This is the third installment of our tour through switzerland will show you a different area of switzerland. Rather than continueing through the mountain passes. we decided to go to the “Lake area” of the french speaking part of switzerland which i’ve never really explored before.. Well that was the plan at least. We decided to take the more comfortable wifey’s Mazda 3 (Aka Axela) this time. We took the Autobahn directly to the area of Gruyere, where we wanted to visit the Caillier chocolate factory. Due to COVID-19 only the guestshop was open and the factory tours limited, so we decided to check out some other tourist attractions instead.…