240Z Project

240Z: Chassis stripping part 1

While the Z is at my place, my Bodyshop gave me some homework: To completely strip the chassis from all the seam sealer, undercoating, bondo and paint so that it’s easier for him to remove old welds and weld new stuff… started by removing the biggest chunks in the front inner fender area with a spatula. but after an hour i realized i need a faster solution.

After a bit of research, i found this tihng called Turbo-Igel (Turbo Hedgehog). The name comes from the “hook” style spikes that remind of a hedgehog

This thing works absolutely brilliantly and isnt really agressive to the metal due to it’s unique shape.

The problem is, after 10 minutes the effect really starts to weaken since the hooks get dull. but you still can u se it totally for about 30minutes at a maximum speed of 3500 rpm. then all the hooks are gone 🙂

With two disks i managed to get this much done in approx. 2 hours of work:

Well and while the car got cleaner, i got dirtier 🙂

And i removed approx 3-4 kgs of Bondo / Paint, underbody coating, seam sealer etc..

Still a lot to do. for me and the bodyshop. can you see all those terribly cheap repair attempts from previus owner? And rusty spots? And dents where there shouldn’t be?
Well… i’ve come too far to stop now, i gues 🙂

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