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240Z: Another NOS parts find

Recently i ran into a NOS lot for sale again. Turns out a still active Nissan dealership in germany is cleaning out his parts warehouse and wanted to get rid of all the old parts without any stock movement. Well, i signed up for the whole package and got the deal.
It were not exactly many parts, but some really nice scores and some parts are not very common to find NOS.

I checked the partnumbers beforehand and all of them are definitely S30 parts. but not all might be correct for my 240Z. Nevertheless, i got a good package deal, so i took all of them.
The first one is an exchaust front pipe. It has a few scratches from storage, bot otherwise completely NOS with the factory sticker still there:

Then an original L-series Oil pan. in excellent shape (Except it needs a bit of dedusting)

Front lower control arm. I think the Partno. was listed for the 260Z, but i couldn’t see any difference on the first glimpse. i’ll have to re-check:

These are pretty cool: NOS rear bumper mounting brackets:

A set of genuine Akebono rear drum brake shoes:

And a set of genuine rear strut inserts (replacement units):


  • nick duarte

    Hi mate. Lovely parts – if you did have any NOS parts that you were not going to use – i would be very intersted in buying them. They’re lovely!

    Thank you


    • JDMjunkies.ch

      Hi Nick, usually i have my sources and my clients, so i don’t have any need to get rid of my stuff, but if you’re in search of anything specific, let me know and i can look in my stock.

  • nick duarte

    Thanks for the reply mate. Basically i would be interested in anything NOS for the 240z i am restoring. It’s a forever car of mine so I only want the best for it and only the best. If you ever see or have anything NOS for sale now or in the future, please don’t hesitate to let me know anytime. My email should be there!



      • JDMjunkies.ch

        Hi Hoss.
        I don’t have any in stock. I got some smaller parts a while ago, but already sold them. Since i don’t have ZX cars, i usually don’t buy them. The ones i got back then, came with a lot of 240Z parts, so i didn’t want to keep them and sold them immediately, and i’m usually not looking for ZX parts, i’m sorry.

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