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240Z: Datsun Switzerland Pricelists 1969-1979 (Full Download)

I’ve collected various Datsun Switzerland dealer price lists from 1969 to 1979. Some of them are very rarely seen, and some or more common.
Since it’s important in some cases (for collector cars insurrance, for e.g.), i decided to scan them and put them here for your useage.
As you can see the format and style changed a few times over the years.

Unfortunately a few are still missing (particulary 1967, 1968, 1970 and 1974). If you have any of those, please let me know!
I will definitely update this post when i find missing ones…
Since this website is about the S30Z chassis cars and the early years of datsun switzerland, i will focus on the years 67 to late 70ies, but if i come along other pricelists, i will add them here for completeness sake.

Click the links below (or right-clack and save) to view the full high-res PDF files:
Datsun Suisse Pricelist 1969.3
Datsun Suisse Pricelist 1971.3
Datsun Suisse Pricelist 1972.8
Datsun Suisse Pricelist 1973.6
Datsun Suisse Pricelist 1975.1
Datsun Suisse Pricelist 1976.1
Datsun Suisse Pricelist 1977.3
Datsun Suisse pricelist 1979.3

Update 21.01.2021:
I just got this 1969 Datsun switzerland Pricelist from the 39th. Geneva International Motor Show Datsun Suisse press release folder in the mail, and thought i add it here for completeness sake, see full pdf in the links above.

Update 31.03.2021
Just got in the 1972.8 Pricelist. which seems an important one for Datsun 240Z owners, as it’s probably the year where most Z’s have been sold in switzerland!
Click link above to download or view the full high-res pdf file.

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