HISTORY: A load of rare datsun Switzerland documents arrived

Yesterday i got quite a load of rare early Datsun (Suisse) SA documents. I found them in france and therefore most of them are french or both french and german language.
It seems like you find the same documents all the time for sale online, but these are quite rare and most of them i’ve never seen before. Honestly i din’t even know some of them even existed.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the documents (that one with the blue/red datsun sign is from france and i will not show it in detail here therefore)
One is a datsun 260Z 2+2 Spec sheet. Honestly i’ve never seen one of those spec sheets before. I guess they put these in the cars windows at the dalerships or so.
It must be a very early item, since it still has the Japanese RHD Car with the “Fairlady Z” Emblems and fender mirrors shown on it.

this is the back side:

Then i got two pricelists, one is from march 1971, the second one from June 1971. Both include the 240Z

They add perfectly to my collection of Datsun switzerland pricelists. As usual I’ll scan them and update my Pricelist post with them asap.

Then i’ve got a nice set of 1971 Documents. The two on the left are February and March 1971 datsun information brochures including the full range car lineup catalogue in french language.
The one at the bottom right is the german version which i’ve already got. and the one the top right is an 160B / 180B Leaflet which is undated, but according to the style, it must be from the same era.

The 1971 brochures are more or less the same (aside from the paper colour). The only difference is the placement of the 240Z shown in the catalogue, which must have had something to do with the 240Z arriving for sale in switzerland (in the february catalogue it was showed at the end of the lineup, while in the march catalogue it’s on the first page of cars shown). I made a more detailed post of the german version here, if you’re interested

this is the backside of the 160B / 180B leaflet in both french and german language:

There was also an 1982 US-spec Datsun / Nissan brochure which is not interesting for me, but still nice to see a 280ZX turbo from time to time 🙂

Some of the rarest Documents must be these Datsun “red spot” Newspaper style advertising documents. They were usually handed out at the geneva international motor show aka Autosalon Genf.
I’ve got now Issues Nr. 1 (March 1972),  issue Nr. 3 (March 1973) and issue Nr. 5 (March 1974), all in french language. The german Nr 1. issue, i already had before and you can see some details when i posted about it here

Inside those “newspapers” you find the full car lineup, like in this 1973 issue:

but also a lot of cool background information about datsun in switzerland and a lot of rare photos, like at the bottom right from the shareholders meeting:

The 1974 version also shows a picture from a german “Nippon speed car GmbH” Cherry group 2 race car, which (as far as i know) was also shown at the Geneva show in 1974, where this document was given away.

I’ll post more of the information from the documents in the upcoming datsun switzerland history stories, because there is definitely some interesting and rare footage in here to show the world.


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