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240Z: Hollow parts sealing Schematic

Thanks to Daniel, i got this Schematic of a (now defunct) company that makes hollow area sealing (Dinitrol), which is now not used anymore, i guess. Nevertheless, they also made a schematic on how to apply it on the 240Z, and i thought i share this information with you, since it’s rare and interesting. I definitely recommend to do t his type of work on your chassis, if you want to prevent inside rusting in hollow areas like the frame rails or air channels. If you open this areas anyway for welding or replacement, it makes even more sense to protect these areas before closing it again. But i recommend the hollow area protection after chassis work again anyway, since it’s a different type of “varnish” applied.
here’s when my friend stefan did the same on my brand new Mazda 6, just after i bought it, for long time hollow area rust protection:


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