OTHER: Rare Datsun & Nissan Documents from the Bettelbrünneli Collection

Yesterday i wrote about the visit to the incredible Bettelbrünneli Collection, today i’d like to give you a short overview of what is inside those Datsun / Nissan folders. I will use those documents for the big history-post i work on for this website. The documents here provide a great insight in some historic information that was never written down in the official documents… This is what he let me take home temporary to scan it for this very website:

it includes some rare dealer-internal documents like letters from the swiss Nissan / Datsun HQ to the dealers about pricing, discounts, bonues programmes, etc…

Loads of technical documentation:

Various pricelists:

Loads of nissan Annual business reports and company profile books:

Swiss Nissan “Star” customer magazines:

and similar ones from the UK, USA, Germany, etc..

Honestly i really enjoyed this funky fresh 1990ies nissan switzerland sweat suit in all the flashy colours. perfect if you own such a car. hahaha 🙂

It also included various press documentation folders from the geneva autosalon and IAA, including press photos, etc..

Accessory catalogues:

Newspaper cutouts:

General press releases from nissan:

Invitations to an opening of an new Nissan dealership:

More press releases (this time more of statements to specific business situations and less to advertize new cars):

A Datsun car auction invitation (held because Nissan HQ quit the contract with the datsun dealership):

Rare information about a court case where Datsun switzerland compared the Stanza with the Opel ascona (including internal letters)

and probably the rarest and coolest documents of them all: a full folder of information on a case where a group of swiss datsun dealerships revolted against the datsun (suisse) SA headquarter. Which ended up in a public fight and 70 dealerships loosing there datsun dealer licences, Also 75 people at the swiss HQ got fired or left the company. This is really hilariously brilliant to read in 1970ies angry business german 🙂 . And i will definitely include this information in the Swiss Datsun history post, or even in a separate post since it’s so much fun to see all these rare documents.

I’m super busy atm. but i will try to scan all documents over the next days, wherever it’s possible. So i can use it for future reference in my stories. Quite some work..
And than this was only a fraction of all the Nissan / Datsun documents in the Bettelbrünneli collection.

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