240Z Project

240Z: Complete chassis blasted

Slightly delayed because of holday season and the current COVID situation, but i just got some pictures from the blaster, and a note that the chassis is done. They blasted the whole car with non abrasive plastic media, which doesnt warp big thin surfaces. Where abrasives were needed, they added a bit of sand to remove rust and bondo (partially). The sticker underbody protecting-stuff was removed by dry-ice blasting…

You can clearly see the many repairs on the inner front fender and Air channel and the ton of bondo remaining on the LH rear quarter.

Luckily the engine bay looks nice at the first view, but i have to inspect closer once it’s back at my place.

This is the side that has already been finnished by the bodyshop (the brown stuff is remaining seam sealer…)

this is the undone side. Luckily i have a NOS spare roof and rear quarter in stock to fix this. Meanwhile the chassis should also be primered with a weldable primer. In the next days they will return it to me and then i’ll take some better pictures and a closer look at all the details… Just a little tip from my side. If you ever do a full restoration like this. start with cleaning the chassis. not like me who started with the bodywork just to blast the chassis when half of it was already done. well you learn new things all th e time – and that’s what makes a project like this so much fun 🙂 More coming soon….

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