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EK9: Honda Dealer sign & Workshop manuals

Today i made a great deal. After getting my Datsun Dealer sign for my workshop, i thought it would be nice to get one from Honda for the Civic too, but really didn’t want to spend a fortune. I put a Search advert online and then forgot about it. A few weeks later, while looking for something else on the website, i realized that some guy had just answered me the day before and said he had an original Honda Dealer sign.
A few messages back and forth and today i was able to pick up the sign an hour away from my home:

It is a bit rough around the edges, but otherwise really nice. especially the TypeR red colour of the honda sign which will fit my EK9 perfectly.

I still yet have to find out where i hang it, or put it, but i will surely find a nice spot for it after a bit of a cleanup.

The cool thing is. that it was an old Honda workshop who is cleaning out their stuff, so he also offered me a set of old workshop manuals for the EJ/EK series. which will come in handy, since the japanese ones from the EK9 are a bit hard to read.

I think i got quite the collection of original EK-series documentation on hand:

And then i also got this free Serviceplan manual for the EJ / EK series for workshops. On one side you find what kind of work to carry out at which kilometer service

On the backside you find some basic information like a few standard values, torques, how much oil to fill, what spark plugs to use, etc.
They might be wrong for the B16b engine, but still a nice collectors item.

And the best of it, the Seller sold it for a Honda-workshop cleanout price rather then a collectors price. And he also told me he’s happy to know that this stuff will end up in a good home, which always makes me happy to hear.

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