Atenza GJ / Mazda 6

ATENZA: LED Bulbs & other OEM options installation

A while ago, i bought a few factory optional / accessory parts from Mazda for my Mazda 6 / Atenza Station wagon. Today i finally found the time to complete the installation.
1) Let’s start with the simple stuff. the retractable USB-C phone charging cable. Before:

And after: It’s really just swapping a cable, but i like the retractable style of the new one, you can neatly store it in the (also optional) storage bin in the center console:

2) The Parcel net:

It requires you to cut a (premarked) hole in the (also optional ) trunk rubber mat:

To get access to the parcel net hooks which are behind. You can see the rubber mat has seen some use over the years and therefore i will not replace it. It’s just perfect for my need and a new one will just be scratched immadiately again so i’ll stick with this one.

Once the cutouts are made, you can easy click-in the parcel net into the four designated hooks, and secure – say – a box of SanMiguel beer :-). The net is really flexible and strong so you can secure all kind of stuff safely.

3) Then the biggest part. This item is usally not sold for self-installation but only to be installed by the dealer (included in the original sales price). But i got them anyway to install myself, since my Mazda guy knows me well and trusts me to do this.
Here you can se the original bulb vs the LED bulb in the trunk.

If you’re not a car guy i don’t recommend to do this by yourself. swapping some bulbs sounds like an easy task, but some of the 8 bulbs require you to remove the glove box or door panels to install them.
In my opinion they make a huge difference at the end. See original bulb left and optional LED bulb on the right side. Everything is much brighter now, the “dimming” function still works neatly and overall it feels more modern.

The advantage of the colder light temperature (= colour) of these LED’s are, that they now fit the (optional) Mazda “Puddle lights” (Mazda Logo projectors) much better:

Please ignore my dirty garage floor and the broken fastener. I replaced the fastener (always good to ahve a few OEM fasteners on hand) and cleaned the floor after i finished my work, i swear!
I’m aware that these are a bit pointless upgrades to most people, but i like these small kind of works in the cold winter weekends,  just to get to know your car a bit better and have some fun.
For now i’m done with the Mazda. In spring i have to finish a few small touches on the Honda to complete that one, and then i’ll focus on the Datsun for the coming months, i hope.

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