240Z Project

240Z: Random small parts and curiosity delivery

Today i had my Datsun-Mate Dan over for a visit and as usual we exchanged a few documents and things that we’ve collected for each other over the last few months. today i got some nice things from him:

First of all a few early swiss Datsun pricelists, including the ones which were missing in my collection. Like one of the very first ones from 1968! Now i’m finally ble to put the complete series of pricelists from 1968 to 1979 online!

Then i’ve got a bit of a curiosity: a Datsun branded Padlock. I first thought it was a random engraved lock like you can buy it at many places, but Dan said he had a second set which looks exactly the same, and what is also interesting is that the “Datsun” name is not only engraved in the Lock itself (easy to make), but also cast into the keys, which makes it more likely something either officially sold by Nissan / Datsun or something from a local marketing campaingn or at least something from a big 3rd party supplier. Nice to have anyway 🙂

Last but not least he once ordered a set of Air intake box repro-stickers and was kind enough to order a set for me too. The biggest sticker doesn’t belong to our european 240Z’s, so i’ll only need the other ones. still good to have, as my original ones are looking bad.

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