HISTORY: Prince Motor Corp. PMC Mikado Swiss brochures

The story of the Prince Motor Corp aka PMC-Mikado in switzerland is quite short-lived and therefore information about it pretty rare.
In order to update my story about the company (see here: https://www.jdmjunkies.ch/wordpress/2021-07-14/history-the-datsun-nissan-prince-switzerland-story-pt-1-prince/) i’m always looking for official swiss documents.
When i just recently stumbled upon a few catalogues for sale, i naturally had to get them. This means i will also update above post about the History of PMC Mikado in switzerland immediately.

The first one is a brochure about the PMC Gloria Six 2000, which i’ve owned only as a scan so far, and i’ve shown you in full in above link previously.

The second one  i haven’t seen so far. it is about the PMC-Mikado Skyline 1500 Estate (Kombi-Wagen). A one-page, two sided flyer

On the backside you can find the Gloria 6 estate information:

The third one is a more luxurious brochure about the PMC-Mikado Gloria six. Printed on perforated heavy duty paper:

With beautiful coloured photos and details shown on several pages:

And of couirse the spec sheet on the back:

And last but not least i also got an 1972 Datsun brochure for the Cherry Coupé, Datsun 200L Limousine and Datsun 200L Coupé.

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