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240Z: The rest of the missing Datsun toolkit arrived

Keen readers might remember i was collecting parts to puzzle together an original, complete tool kit. With my first orders i got some wrong parts and some were still missing. Thanks to a tip from my Datsun-Mate Dan. i recently found this kit with the exact missing parts for sale in UK. Naturally i had to get it. So this is what arrived today:

An original Nissan branded pliers, along with a double-headed screwdriver

And s et of wrenches. This time metric ones and not inch-based sizes. I still have to check all the details. But i guess with my previous purchases the kit is complete now.

More parts are somewhere on a container outside japan now. so expect more updates soon (might still take a few weeks until they’re here)

UPDATE: Someone asked how the red handles belonged to the rest of the kit, so i made a quick mockup and took a picture. They’re actually just an extension and handles for the scissor jack for easy handling. Well – the whole thing is still quite wiggly and all, but still better than the cheap metal rod / hook that comes with cars today  (if any at all)

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