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GARAGE / OTHER: Garage upgrades & Datsun 240K-GT / Datsun 1000 brochures

Since i’m now completeing my business education, my progress with the car is a bit slow until – after two years – my exams are completed in April next year.
Then i plan to get that damn car back on the road as soon as possible. in the meantime i only have limited time and mostly like to spend it for research and buying stuff.
I therefore decided it’s time to upgrade my workshop a bit, so i can get some work done by myself in future. The first pallette arrived af few days ago:

And it contained a nice sandblasting cabinet. It was super cheap and i don’t expect too much, but it will do the work for my now-and-then usage:

Then finally, after 6 months of waiting, my industrial sized dehumidifier for the garage arrived. It is a huge upgrade to what im’ using now and can also be hung on the all and out of the way.

Then i can’t hold back when i find some cool and rare vintage swiss datsun brochures, so i got this 240K-GT (aka Kenmary skyline) Brochure

And also this swiss D atsun 1000 brochure from 1968, from a time when Datsun Switzerland was only 1 year in business:

The cool thing here are the Stamps “MASTER COPY” and “Product planning – competitive information”. Since it’s from June 1968, i guess it was taken at a booth at the Geneva internation autosalon and brought to america to an competitor for comparison. Since the text is english and i got it from America. I’d love to find out more, but i guess aside from the stamps i won’t be able to get more information…

Now the next bigger project will be to get the dehumidifier, sandblasting cabinet and Datsun sign installed. that will definitelyinclude some interesting work….


  • Dennis Heinze

    Immer wieder schön die Updates zu lesen – habe selber auch eine ähnliche Sandstrahlkabine und war sehr begeistert. Eines der besten Werkstatt Upgrades für eine Restauration.
    Falls du sie noch nicht aufgebaut hast – ein Tipp – besorg dir direkt Dichtmasse, die du beim Aufbau zwischen die einzelnen Teile schmieren kannst.
    Je nach Strahlgut, bei mir waren es Glasperlen, suchen die sich ihren Weg. Wenn du aber von vornherein alles gut abdichtest und mit Absaugung arbeitest klappt es sehr gut.

    Grüße und viel Spaß weiterhin.
    Mein Z fährt seit 2 Wochen mit Zulassung und allem 🙂

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