240Z Project

240Z: Repair tools kit pt. 2

A while ago i decided to get myself a complete, original toolkit for the Z, just for completeness sake. In part 1 of the story, i got my first items, but i realized that some of the tools where not from the Z as they where not metric. It’s nothing high on my bucket list, but when i see something for sale locally and the price is ok, i try to get it. So this is why i got a few things in front of my door today, all the way from a german 240Z owner. Still have to figure out if all the pieces are really from the 240Z, or maybe one or another item is from another car, but at least it seems to be a step closer to completeness. most of the tools are not in a great optical shape, but that can be handled i guess.. for now i just put them in storage. i have other priorities with the car atm 🙂

So what did i get? Well the scissors jack, wheel nut wrench, two of the wrenches and the red handles.

It all needs a bit of cleaning, but i somehow like the original patina and all the original stickers are still there:

Oh and since the seller had this for sale too and it was missing on my car, i asked for the Spare-tire mounting kit too. One piece more in the puzzle 🙂


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