HISTORY: Old datsun suisse press releases & Press photos

So i got another bunch of rare old Datsun switzerland documents in my mailbox yesterday:

It includes quite a big press release from March 1980 describing the market situation for Datsun globally and in switzerland as well as japan. With some interesting facts and figures and comparing to other brands in switzerland and globally:

The rest of the documents were all released in 1978 for the Geneva International motor show, where Datsun Suisse SA of course had a booth.
Below is the official press release and spec sheet of their full lineup at that time (dated to 10. February 1978).
Interresting here is maybe the “GT Tuning Kit” that was offered for the Cherry F-II 120A Limousine and Coupé versions. I wonder what t hat included…

The above one was probably mailed to the journalists and was more or less a short version of the below Full press folder which were given to attendees at their official Geneva Press event:

A side from a slightly different specsheet then the previously shown one, it also had a few documents regarding the datsun booth, the history of Datsun, new models and their full lineup:

Then there was an additional closer description of each car with some technical details and some background information:

Additionally a few random press information documents, like this CV of Mr. Shinichiro Sakurai (Head project designer) and his history at Datsun, especially with the development of the skyline, Laurel and R38x race cars.
Usually these Personal background information where handed out when the said person was a “star guest” at the said motor show. I guess he was there to unvail or present some new model in geneva.

Every of the above cars descriptions came with one or more official press release photos. You can clearly see the end of the 70ies when the cars became more boxy….
Oh and there’s a 280ZX targa and a 270Z 2+2 if you look closely

Many of the Photos show swiss cars with swiss numberplates, as the Datsun 180B Station wagon in the following picture, which might be a bit special, as they’re rare and different, compared to the globally spread NMC press photos.

It all has nothing to do with my project, but i really like to puzzle together the history of datsun and collect as many rare and original press releases as possible…

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