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240Z: Nissan Motorsports Schematic Catalog 99996-M8015, Free Download!

At my office they call me “Mr. Google” because i seem to find everything on the internet they ask me to 🙂  However when i was looking up for some part-lists, drawings and general information about the R190 Differential, Euro spec transmission (FS5C71A / B) or the MK63 Brakes, it was kind of hard to find useful and “official” information.
In the 2012 Nismo (USA) catalogue they mention that exactly this informatino would be found in the Nissan Motorsports Schematic Catalog partnumber 99996-M8015. (Picture shows that part in the 2012 Nismo USA Catalogue):

I searched a lot, but both nissan USA, Japan and europe didn’t sell the catalog anymore, i wasn’t able to find a copy online nor a hardcopy for sale. That until i contacted one of the Z-Gurus. Namely Carl Beck from Zhome.com. He was kind enough to put a scanned copy online for me.

Here is the original Link from Carl Beck:

For security reasons i thought i put a copy on my server as well. So if above link doesn’t work, try this one: NissanMotorsportsSchematicCatalog (99996-M8015)

Now why is this catalog so Important? Many of the european standard components (Like transmission, etc) were sold in USA as competition or “sports” options. Unfortunately finding Data for european Spec stuff is kind of hard, so if you want to figure out drawings and partnumbers of european standard components this american “Nissan Motorsports schematics catalogue” is the place to go. See the Contet here:Content

Here are some example pages (get the complete catalogue as PDF in the link above!)
Solex / Mikuni Carbs:

MK63 (FIA) Brake calipers: MK63

Or European standard Spec (picture shows the late B-type) FS5C71 Transmission:  transmission

As a european datsun owner, i highly recommand you to download and keep this. Thanks a lot Carl Beck for your support! This was really a huge help! Dear readers, please give Carl a Visit at Zhome.com, He really put a lot of important Datsun Knowledge and history on his page!


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