240Z Project

240Z: Wing repaird, Pedalbox assembly completed & red bubble shirt

Despite the fact this week was super busy for me, i still managed to get some stuff done and i can’t be happier 😀
Yesterday i picked up my original Trunk spoiler / Rear wing which i left at R-performance for repair. It took them a bit longer than expected because the aged early kind of fiberglass material was realy weak and brittle so they decided to improve the design a bit by adding a new structure at the ground. here are some work-in-progress pictures i asked them to make for you (my followers): New fiberglass layers beeing added to the bottom:
20160506_095330 - Kopie
20160506_095342 - Kopie

This is how it looks finished once the rest of the fiberglass was cutoff. And i also asked them to replace the sheared off and rusty bolts at the bottom so the made put a complete new set in place, Should be bomb-proof now 🙂   P1170043 - Kopie

This is the fitment now. Much better then before and should last for many years to come 🙂P1170048 - Kopie

Since i finally got my hazard flasher switch and the Brake light switch i decided to use a few free minutes today to complete my Pedalbox. Had to redrill and tap all th e holes after Powdercoating first
P1170051 - Kopie

Then i installed all the missing bits and pieces.P1170052 - Kopie

And this is how my pedals ended up: Left reworked pedal box and throttle pedal, right the original one from the other car. The one to the left was about the same state before i reworked it. All genuine and NOS or refurbished / Re-plated parts on the left!P1170053 - Kopie

And another shot. Love it. Just needs some adjustment once it’s in the car 🙂
One more thing completed!P1170054 - Kopie

Someone in the DPAN group posted about these shirts with the original “Elephant” Oil filler cap design on it. I loved it and just had to get it. If you want one, get them here:
www.redbubble.com/de/people/pootermobile04/ Great quality and i love the design 🙂P1170028 - Kopie

P1170029 - Kopie

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