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FRIENDS: A visit to R-Performance Switzerland

Last week i went to visit Marco and his crew at R-Performance. Mainly to pick up my repaired Trunk spoiler (See a few posts down the page), but while there i sneaked around a bit with my camera 🙂
First he showed me their current TimeAttack Racecar which runs in the swiss / german unlimited FWD class and is pretty hardcore: P1170042 - Kopie
P1170030 - Kopie

Honestly there is not much left from the original Integra DC2 shell, since most has been replaced by lightweight stuff…P1170031 - Kopie

What i really like about the R-Performance team is the laidback “Backyard” attitude. Compared to some of their competitors they don’t own a super modern clinically clean workshop with the lastet gear and High-dollar sponsors. they do most uf their stuff on their own in their farmhouse-become-race shop 🙂 And still they manage to keep up within fractions of seconds with cars like a modern GT-R runinng in the AWD classes etc. Pretty insane in my opinion 🙂 And the car has just had it’s first outing so as you can see in the picture they allready improve Aero and stuff for the next race…P1170032 - Kopie

Marco and his team to plan into a new Place this year so i guess they have a busy year…
In the backyard they have plenty of cars for spareparts and future projects. Myself have been fortunate enough to gather some parts from their cars when i crashed my old EJ9…P1170033 - Kopie

In another shed at the back they host a variety of old and future projects of all kinds…P1170034 - KopieP1170035 - Kopie

As well as a variety of spareparts and components. P1170036 - Kopie

Generally i guess every car-nut loves places where shells hang under the roof 🙂P1170037 - Kopie P1170038 - Kopie P1170039 - Kopie

This looks like a project i’d like to complete 🙂 Thanks Marco for letting me sneak around your place…P1170040 - Kopie

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