240Z Project

240Z: Steering wheels galore

Only when i got my recent original Datsun / Nissan competition steering wheel, i realized that i meanwhile have quite a selection of cool and rare steering wheels. and thought it would be worth a little post of it’s own 🙂
Top left: Original datsun “wood” steering wheel.
Top right: Replica Datsun Compeition steering wheel.
Bottom Left: RS-Watanabe “Falcon” Steering wheel (the horn button is also there, but not in the picture)
Bottom right: Original used Compeition steering wheel with original JDM and replica JDM “Z” horn buttons:

Here is the recently aqcuired Original Compeition steering wheel. More details here.

Here you can see the competition steering wheel listed inthe original Datsun Competition catalogue, allthough it seems with a different horn button?

In december 2019 i got the replica competion steering wheel, and back then i made a size comparison to the original “wood” steering wheel. See full post here:
Here you can see them compared in diameter:

And here both of them next to each other:

And a bit further back, in 2012, i got the original NOS “Falcon” steering wheel, sold by the famous wheel company RS Watanabe in Japan:
Here shown with the horn button. Click here for full post:

Back in 2016, i had made a test mock-up with the refurbished steering column and the falcon steering wheel:

I still have to decide yet, which one will make it into the car at the end, but before you ask: None of them is currently up for sale!

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